Threecolts Announces $90 Million in Funding

Emma Ritson
March 6, 2023
March 7, 2023
Threecolts announces funding round worth $90 million

We’ve grown.

Since we started Threecolts in a small tavern—working from laptops, over endless cups of coffee during a pandemic—our goal has remained the same: to help brands and businesses maximize profits, convert sales, and optimize operations in a swiftly changing e-commerce landscape.

We have already made massive strides across the space, growing our employee count from 21 to over 150 in the past year, with a team based in 31 countries with 14 acquisitions completed.

Throughout our growth, we’ve remained laser-focused—obsessed, you could say, on the customer—all 22,000 of them. Our tools help them to achieve sustainable and resilient economic growth no matter where they live in the world.

We’re excited.

Today we announce our Series A funding, bringing our total funding to $90 million. This solidifies our impact as a key player in the online commerce space and allows us to expand our product team and customer reach during this rewarding period of growth.

Lead investors across the funding rounds include Crossbeam Venture Partners and General Global Capital, with additional investments from Stratos and CoVenture. Along with raising Series A funding, since our inception in 2021 we have experienced 6x revenue growth year over year.

Sakib Jamal, Senior Investment Associate at Crossbeam shared: "Threecolts' impressive execution over the past year means that sellers can now access a one-stop shop solution for an increasing number of pain points, easing vendor fatigue and administrative loads. Yoda and team have provided returns that are realized in quick feedback loops for customers of all shapes and sizes, from large enterprises to up-and-coming businesses."

And we're only just getting started.  

Our mission is to make selling online easier and more profitable for businesses of all sizes, and this investment will help us take our platform to the next level. Watch this space for even more product releases, smart solutions, and awesome ways to scale your growth. Thank you to our investors and partners for their support, and to our amazing team for their hard work and dedication.

Happy selling!

About us

Threecolts services over 22,000 businesses worldwide, generating more than $30B in gross merchandise sales and recovering over $200M in lost profit on Amazon and other marketplaces. Businesses served include leading consumer brands and Fortune 500 companies such as Samsung, Panasonic, and L’Oréal. Customers have seen an increase of 20% in profit, 97% in customer response time, and 200% in detail page conversions.

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