Threecolts New Releases and Feature Enhancements - September 2022

Kennedell Amoo-Gottfried
September 6, 2022
October 11, 2022
Threecolts New Releases and Feature Enhancements - September 2022

Improvement and Resolved Issues


  • Set Alerts for ongoing scans: Users can now set phone or email alerts to tell them when a scan has been running for more than 12, 24, 36, or 48 hours to better manage scan minutes.

TA_Set Alerts for ongoing scans

  • Searches function has been fixed on several websites: We have fixed the issue that was preventing search from working for the following websites:


- Superdrug








  • Successfully migrated to Seller Partner Reports API and Seller Partner Orders API.


  • Resolved bug pertaining to Daypart rule setting.
  • Resolved bug causing certain users to have trouble accessing their portfolios.


  • Resolved bug preventing users from placing orders if their credit amounts were greater than their purchase amounts.


  • ChannelReply + Etsy Open Beta: Our Etsy integration is greatly improved and now available to all ChannelReply users.
  1. Receive all your Etsy Messages in any supported helpdesk
Etsy Messages
view order details beside each message

  1. View 50+ order details on order-related messages
View 50+ order details
  1. Use Etsy data in powerful tools like Zendesk and Gorgias macros, Freshdesk automations, Zoho Desk reports, and more with custom fields and variables.
  2. Reply directly to your customers’ email addresses from inside your helpdesk, or use our "Reply on Etsy" buttons to jump straight to the conversation on Etsy.
  3. Complete orders by uploading shipping info from inside Zendesk, Freshdesk, Re:amaze, or Zoho Desk.
Complete orders by uploading shipping info from inside Zendesk, Freshdesk, Re:amaze, or Zoho Desk
  • CR Feedback + eBay Open Beta: CR Feedback users can now link their eBay accounts and automate eBay feedback requests! Create custom feedback request templates, auto-personalize them with details such as the buyer's name and what they ordered, and set your own request schedule.
CR Feedback + eBay Open Beta
  • ChannelReply + Back Market Cancellations: You can now cancel Back Market orders via Zendesk, Freshdesk, Re:amaze, and Zoho Desk. The action is available on any ticket related to an order you have not validated yet - though not visible if the order is validated.

About us

Threecolts acquires, launches, and grows eCommerce software & services, and owns other stellar businesses including Old Street Media, HotShp, SellerBench, Tactical Arbitrage, Bindwise, RefundSniper, ChannelReply, and FeedbackWhiz.

Old Street Media supports businesses with their advertising, inventory management, and other eCommerce services. We collaborate with over 4000 brands and have generated $600M in sales in the past year.

Reach out to HotShp for help with product titles, descriptions, bullet points, social posts, and blog posts.

Reach out to SellerBench for help with shipment reconciliation and FBA fee reimbursements. 99% of FBA sellers are owed money. Get your free audit today.

If you are more interested in the #1 Amazon Arbitrage software, try TacticalArbitrage. With over 6,000 users, TacticalArbitrage will help you discover profitable products to resell on Amazon.

Bindwise will help you to identify costly issues with your Amazon seller accounts. Receive instant Bindwise Alerts about everything related to your store on Amazon. 

RefundSniper is an international Amazon reimbursement service that runs audits on both Vendor Central and Seller Central. Find out how much you are owed by Amazon today.

If you're looking for a way to streamline multi-platform ecommerce support, ChannelReply has you covered. Cut your customer response time in half by having all your customer information in one hub. 

FeedbackWhiz is an Amazon sellers management software that helps merchants scale their business by automating email campaigns, improving seller feedback, getting more product reviews, monitoring listings, and analyzing profit and accounting data. 

About the author
Kennedell Amoo-Gottfried
Kennedell is Head of Account Management, Onboarding, and Operations at Threecolts. He began working in ecommerce in 2020 with OldStreetMedia, where he was General Manager. While getting his MBA from London Business School, he worked as part of Manchester United’s media strategy team and Twitter’s Global Content Partnerships team. He also worked for several years in finance departments for the oil & gas industry before turning his talents to the ecommerce sector.