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Build your selling strategy

Grow your business by uncovering opportunities, boosting sales, and scaling up your operation while reducing costs.
Streamline your business finances through data reporting, fee monitoring, and advanced analytics.
Maximize your reimbursements and ensure every dollar owed is swiftly recovered and reinvested.
Efficiently manage customer interactions with robust support for seamless multi-channel communication.
Secure your brand’s reputation and success through automated feedback requests, review management tools, and listing monitoring.
Integrate and manage your product listings across multiple platforms for a consistent and optimized online presence.
Discover lucrative arbitrage opportunities via tools designed to identify and capitalize on pricing disparities across marketplaces.
Stay competitive with dynamic pricing strategies using intelligent repricing tools for maximized profits.
Manage stock efficiently to keep your business agile and responsive to market demands.
Capitalize on dropshipping opportunities through strategic product research.

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Compared to other reimbursement services I’ve used, DimeTydSellers is far superior... the onboarding process was simple and straightforward, the dashboard is user-friendly, pending and successful claims are clear and easy to see, and my questions were answered quickly."
Kevin (The Office Oasis)
$9 million + revenue per year
TacticalArbitrage has helped us create a life-changing income for our family. We were able to travel for two solid months while TA worked in the background, finding products for us."
Cheri - Utah, USA
Upon signing, RefundSniper immediately went to work & found items for reimbursement that I was not aware of. They were very small amounts but nevertheless, I had my money returned to me in short order. Great service to help keep your eye on the prize in your business, not wasting time on details that can be outsourced. Thanks Refund Sniper.
Gina Tachluk - Canada
Case study
See how Thrasio improved customer first-response time by 97%.
Case study
See how Juan Ramirez built a 6-figure side hustle.


What does Threecolts do?

At Threecolts, we empower retail vendors and e-commerce businesses to optimize their operations. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Samsung, and L'Oreal leverage our multi-solution platform to enhance their retail presence.

We make it easier to list products, set prices, manage inventory, and handle customer service across major selling channels like Amazon and Walmart. Additionally, we support vendors with profit recovery efforts both online and off. Our solutions enable over 20,000 users to grow their businesses more easily. 

What tools does Threecolts offer for inventory management across multiple marketplaces?

Threecolts offers advanced multi-marketplace inventory management solutions through ExportYourStore and Hemi.

ExportYourStore syncs inventory levels across various platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and more. This ensures consistent availability and prevents penalties for out-of-stock items.

Hemi further enhances this capability with dynamic stock calculation, channel product management, and standardized orders across 80+ e-commerce channels globally.

These tools collectively provide a system to manage inventory efficiently across marketplaces.

Does Threecolts support multi-channel retail strategies?

Yes, Threecolts supports multi-channel retail strategies that cater to both Amazon and Walmart, as well as other marketplaces.

Our multifaceted solutions include ExportYourStore and Hemi for inventory management, ChannelReply and CR Feedback for enhanced customer service, and Onsite Support for comprehensive e-commerce support. Additionally, Tactical Arbitrage and DataSpark provide extensive arbitrage opportunities from Walmart to Amazon and vice-versa.

With new or upcoming Walmart integrations across FeedbackWhiz Profit Analytics, DimeTyd, and SellerRunning, Threecolts is continually expanding to meet the evolving needs of retailers and vendors

What kind of analytics and reporting features does Threecolts provide?

Many of our tools include reporting features, catering to different aspects of e-commerce business management. 

FeedbackWhiz Profit Analytics brings detailed Amazon seller analytics to the table, including profit and loss tracking, expense management, and performance metrics across international marketplaces. 

For Amazon US sellers, InventoryLab provides comprehensive tools for inventory management, accounting, and profitability analysis, along with expense tracking functionalities.

Hemi steps in with multi-channel performance dashboards, facilitating dynamic stock calculation and channel product management for 80+ e-commerce channels. 

Onsite Support delivers in-depth analytics for customer support requests, encompassing team performance monitoring and feedback metrics.

Lastly, DataSpark specializes in Walmart analytics, offering sales estimates, price history, buy box insights, robust tools for keyword and product research, and competitive intelligence, ensuring a comprehensive view of marketplace performance.

Together, these tools empower Threecolts users with data-driven insights for efficient marketplace management.

Can Threecolts automate tax calculations and compliance for online sales?

Yes. Examples of products with tax automation features include InventoryLab and SellerRunning.

InventoryLab offers Amazon US sellers a Sales Tax Report feature for efficient tracking and reporting. 

SellerRunning caters to Canadian and Mexican sellers’ tax concerns and enables sellers globally to input and calculate tax rates automatically. This includes the customs rates for cross-border arbitrage

What training or support does Threecolts offer to new users?

Threecolts offers comprehensive training for new users through our Customer Coaching (CuCo) initiative. This includes specialized training sessions and workshops for Tactical Arbitrage and InventoryLab users, with more CuCo sessions to be introduced soon. 

We also have a dedicated support team per product that assists via email, live chat, and pre-scheduled voice meetings with screen sharing. Support availability differs across solutions, but all users can easily submit tickets or set a scheduled meeting through the Contact Us page.

Additionally, the Support Hub provides detailed resources and guidance for Threecolts products, ensuring users have the necessary support for effective platform utilization.

How can Threecolts help in improving customer feedback and reviews on Amazon?

Threecolts offers various tools tailored to specific aspects of Amazon feedback management. 

FeedbackWhiz Logo

FeedbackWhiz automates Amazon feedback and review requests, targeting optimal customers and offering personalized request templates. This is supported by powerful analytics on how your feedback campaigns perform.

CR Feedback provides basic feedback and review request automation for both Amazon and eBay.

Onsite Support offers custom help centers for its users. Created at Amazon’s request to work with their Product Lifecycle Support program, Onsite guarantees a “Get product support” button on Amazon order pages. This directs customers to your help center, where you can offer advanced support like live chat and how-to videos to prevent negative feedback.

ChannelReply Icon

ChannelReply offers multi-channel customer service integration, improving the overall customer experience by enabling agents to respond up to 4X faster.

Both Onsite and ChannelReply also offer full support for Walmart US, eBay, Etsy, and more.

Together, these tools form a comprehensive approach to managing and improving customer feedback and reviews.

What are the pricing plans for Threecolts, and do they offer a trial period?

Our pricing plans vary depending on the specific product chosen. Free trials are available for most products, offering a great opportunity to explore how our solutions can fit into and enhance your business strategy.

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