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Identify, track, and resolve costly Amazon overbillings and deductions

DimeTyd is an advanced accounting and reconciliation platform for Amazon 1P Vendor Central Accounts globally.
DimeAide / Dispute management

Maximize your Amazon 1P business revenue with our expert dispute management team.

Overbillings by Amazon
Recover missed revenue from Amazon overbilling on agreed expenses like backend accruals, promotions, volume incentive rebates, etc., which are typically on the DFP payment type. Our solution ensures accurate dispute reconciliation and recovery.
Shortage claims
Shortage claims are tiring, but we're here to help! We handle shortage claims on your behalf by timely submitting accurate disputes, managing them end-to-end, and tracking recoveries upon resolution.
DimeCore / Financial operations

Automate your finance operations' key activities for a cost-efficient and profitable business.

Overbillings by Amazon
Timely disputing, root cause analysis, monitoring, and reporting—we manage the end-to-end operational chargeback dispute process. We work quickly within the narrow dispute window and help you identify and fix the underlying issues causing deductions.
Itemized shortage disputes
Avoid the laborious task of managing itemized shortages on a day-to-day basis. We handle the process for you, disputing shortage lines via Amazon Dispute Management function and providing periodic reports without requiring any investment of time or resources on your end.
Manage invoices
Incorrect invoicing is a major contributor to shortages and other operational chargebacks. Based on our analysis, we have seen a significant reduction in shortages and increased cash flow for customers using DimeTyd invoicing.
Cash application
Accurately and timely applying cash to Amazon invoices can be challenging for vendors, resulting in incorrect AR positions and reporting. DimeTyd's machine-learning based solution streamlines the process, indexing data from multiple pages and reducing transaction time.
DimePlan / Financial Planning

Integrate AI and advanced analytics to align financial plans with operational plans, providing predictive insights for smarter decision-making.

Financial Dashboard
We make it easy to get year-on-year insights for your Amazon 1P business P&L statement. We help you identify specific areas of revenue leakage and work with you to plug these gaps. It’s a powerful financial planning and analysis tool that provides you with actionable data sets to make informed decisions.
ASIN profitability
This feature provides ASIN/SKU-level profitability, helping you identify the most profitable and unprofitable ASINs/SKUs in your business.
ASIN forecasting
Our scientific and machine learning-based tool enables you to forecast Amazon's demand for the next 10-26 weeks and determine the required stock level at the ASIN/SKU level.


How does DimeTyd ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive financial data from Amazon 1P Vendor Central Accounts?

At DimeTyd, keeping your Amazon financial data safe is our top priority. We use strong security measures and follow industry best practices to protect your sensitive information and comply with data protection regulations.

Is DimeTyd compatible with other e-commerce platforms besides Amazon 1P Vendor Central, such as Amazon 3P Seller Central or other online marketplaces?

DimeTyd is focused on offering top-notch accounting and reconciliation solutions designed just for Amazon 1P Vendor Central Accounts. Although we mainly focus on this platform now, we're excited about the possibility of expanding to other e-commerce platforms in the future!

What is the pricing structure for DimeTyd? Are there any setup fees or additional costs based on the volume of transactions or recoveries?

Our pricing is customized to fit your unique needs. We offer flexible options with no setup fees, and the cost may depend on factors like transaction volume or recovery services. Let's chat about pricing that works best for your business!

Does DimeTyd offer any customization options or tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different businesses or industries?

At DimeTyd, we get that each business is one-of-a-kind. That's why we offer customized solutions to match your exact needs. Our team collaborates closely with you to create personalized strategies that meet your accounting and reconciliation needs.

Grow your Amazon profitability.