Threecolts Pricing & Plans

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Key Benefits

  • Track all Amazon inventory movement* to prevent overbuying or going out of stock.
  • Make product listing easier by grouping items into batches, setting presets, and shipping without hassle.
  • Search for profitable products to sell via Scoutify,* ScoutX,* and Scout.*
  • Organize your finances with ease—manage them yourself or onboard your accountant.
  • Discover your business’ overall profitability and stocking efficiency with detailed reports.
  • Use the Insights add-on to access Restock Report, which includes inventory assessment, product tracking, a customizable interface, and more!


Base + Insights

Amazon listing software
Product research tools
Inventory management
Accounting and financial monitoring
Performance reporting and data analytics
Restock Report
Detailed sales history
Restock Report
Sales projections
Restock Report
Stock levels
Restock Report
Custom views