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Our business accelerates your product with an e-commerce strategy to win today's digital customers

Supporting over 10K+ e-commerce businesses worldwide.
$20 billion
Powering $20B+ gross merchandise sales.
$1 billion
Powering $1B advertising sales worldwide.
$50 million
Recovered over $50M in inventory reimbursements.

Cutting-edge software products with new features added weekly

Industry-leading tools at your fingertips. Only pay for what you use.
Our criteria

We're looking for growing e-commerce software businesses

A software company with a minimum of $400,000 earnings before interest and tax.
Consistent earnings and growth - generally EBITDA/revenue + revenue growth of 40 percent or more per year.
A software company with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of customers.
A company that has a turnkey sales process.
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Our process is seamless and complete within 45 days

Demo your product and provide data.
Receive an offer.
Close in 45 days.
Cash in hand.
why sell to us?

Our terms are flexible and founder friendly.

E-commerce specialists
We’ve built software businesses that service thousands of sellers and helped generate $20B in online sales. We understand the industry and know how to grow your business.
Seamless and quick
We close our acquisition in just 45 days while VCs and private equity firms require months of due diligence with laborious earnout structures.
Do you want to stay on or do you want to exit completely? Either way, we provide simple payment structures with mostly up-front cash. Take risk off the table.
Long-term legacy
We hold onto your business for the long-term while private equity firms look to flip your business in 3-5 years. Given our deep expertise in this field, we know how to build your legacy for the long-term.

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