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Find your next Walmart bestseller through >14 million product insights

Leverage DataSpark’s suite of tools for product research, keyword optimization, arbitrage, and competitor intelligence on Walmart Marketplace.
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Discover top-selling products and key market insights

From bestsellers on Walmart to in-depth analysis of wholesale suppliers, make informed decisions by analyzing sales, revenues, and more. Use the Barcode Scanner app to get comprehensive details on any product, or explore Amazon and Walmart for instant arbitrage opportunities with the DataSpark Chrome extension.

Anticipate market trends and calculate your success

Predict product sales and calculate profitability based on Walmart Fulfillment Services fees. Get all the data you need to make profitable decisions on both Walmart and Amazon.

Learn from the market to lead the market

Reverse-engineer the success of your competitors and pinpoint their most profitable products. Uncover crucial Walmart and Amazon keyword data to optimize your listings, track your rankings, and outperform your peers.

Transform data into actionable insights

Take control of how you analyze and visualize your data. Export seamlessly to other Threecolts tools and enhance your research capabilities by integrating with the DataSpark API.
Detailed Sales Data
Get comprehensive data and sort bestsellers by category, niche, keyword, or seller.
Chrome Extension for Scouting
Find out who sells the product you're scouting on Walmart and more.
Wholesale Analysis
Analyze your supplier's catalog and calculate item fees to predict sales, revenues, and profits.
Competitor Intelligence
Shadow your competitors with just a list of UPCs or item numbers.
Walmart & Amazon Keyword Data
Identify top Walmart and Amazon keywords to maximize traffic.
Computed Costs & Profits
Auto-calculate your fees and profits in bulk to know where you're winning and where you need to reevaluate.
Customized Dashboard
Use your existing data visualization tools or integrate DataSpark with other Threecolts products.


Is DataSpark compatible with other e-commerce platforms besides Walmart and Amazon?

DataSpark is all about helping you sell on Walmart and Amazon. Although we're mainly focused on these platforms right now, we're always on the lookout for ways to work with other e-commerce sites in the future!

How frequently is the data updated within DataSpark's suite of tools?

We keep our data fresh and relevant by updating it regularly. We know how crucial it is to have the latest info for making smart choices, which is why we're committed to providing timely updates in DataSpark's toolbox.

Can DataSpark provide insights into international marketplaces, or is it focused solely on the U.S. market?

Right now, DataSpark focuses mainly on giving you insights into the U.S. market, including Walmart and Amazon. But we're excited about the possibility of expanding to international marketplaces down the road!

Are there any restrictions on the number of products or searches that can be conducted within DataSpark?

At DataSpark, we don't limit your product searches or the number of items you can explore. We believe in giving you unlimited access to our tools, empowering you to research products and make decisions without constraints!

Boost your Walmart sales alongside hundreds of other sellers.