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Build expense categories to customize your analytics

Include all costs of inventory management that the Amazon financial management system doesn’t allow sellers to track. Organize your miscellaneous expenses into the precise categories that work best for you (i.e. if you hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products, you can add an expense category called “Product Photography Expenses”).
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Break down sales, taxes, promotions, refunds, and fees

Categorizing profits and losses into convenient groups helps you process data and improve your analytics. Optimize your Amazon bookkeeping system so you can measure profitability based on data points that are most relevant to your business.
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One dashboard for all your global Amazon stores

Track profits and losses with FeedbackWhiz’s accounting tool for all your product listings in all Amazon marketplaces. Measure the profitable parts of your business—and highlight what needs more attention in just a few clicks. Refine your business to cater to international sales trends so that you can increase sales and bottom-line profits.
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