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Source Profitable Products

Powerful Product Research Tools

Scoutify from anywhere
InventoryLab’s Scoutify mobile app is your retail arbitrage best friend. The built-in scanner reads barcodes even in the toughest conditions. Easily customize your scouting preferences to surface Ideal Buys. Scoutify removes the in-store purchase decision guesswork.
ScoutX for OA
Begin your online arbitrage product search with ScoutX. Our browser add-on enhances any Amazon search with the essential details needed to pinpoint potential products. With a host of features designed to reduce the noise and keep you organized, ScoutX turbo boosts online sourcing.
Scout the answers
Confidently list your items on Amazon with the help of Scout. You’ll know the fees, ranks, restrictions, warehouse costs, and every other data point needed to get your inventory ready for sale fast and at the right price.
FBA/MFN Faster

Amazon Listing Software

Our software was created over a decade ago, for sellers by sellers, to take the pain out of the Amazon product listing process. Today, it is the most powerful and comprehensive FBA and MFN tool on the market. InventoryLab will take you step-by-step from labeling each item to boxing and shipping.  Along the way, we’ll help you navigate the pitfalls so your items are inbounded without issue.
Accurate Accounting

Easy Amazon Financials

As a business owner, it’s critical to know how your hard-earned dollars are flowing in and out. InventoryLab’s accounting keeps track of your buy and sell prices, shipping costs, refunds, reimbursements, mileage, and supply costs, just to name a few. With all your financials together in one place, spreadsheet headaches become a thing of the past. Time spent on accounting tasks goes from hours to minutes.
Comprehensive Inventory Management

Accurate Amazon Inventory

An inaccurate inventory picture can be costly, whether it’s from overbuying slow movers or stocking out on your best performers. InventoryLab accurately tracks all Amazon inventory movement including sales, returns, removals, and disposals. We’ll also make sure COGS stay aligned to keep your financial picture accurate over time.
Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Tax season will be a breeze with all the necessary accounting reports at your fingertips. InventoryLab insights will help guide your purchasing decisions with data-driven product performance data. Leverage the power of InventoryLab's reporting and analytics suite to make fast, informed decisions for your growing Amazon business.

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