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Optimizing FBA Success: Best Amazon Fulfillment Centers Revealed

Ahmed Sanda
April 3, 2024
May 1, 2024
FBA success with our guide to top Amazon Fulfillment Centers


The best FCs process orders at speed. This article explores the importance of throughput and highlights top performers. Throughput is a proxy for FC efficiency. For FBA sellers efficiency is key.

Key Observation

ABE8 (Florence, NJ) and TEB9 (Somerset, NJ) shine in handling shipments, surpassing millions. Low check-in times and high throughput show efficiency, meeting e-commerce needs.

Radar Chart of Fulfillment Center Performance


Choose efficient FCs for orders. Use ABE8 and TEB9 in the northeast USA. They streamline operations effectively.

In-depth Analysis:

Fulfillment Center Ranking Table

Throughput is the shipment handling rate. It is a measure of operational efficiency. Efficiency is crucial for FBA fulfillment processes. 

High-throughput FCs fulfill orders fast. ABE8 (NJ) has low check-in time, high throughput, and efficiency. TEB9 (NJ) shows similar efficiency. However, SMF3 (Stockton, CA) lags behind. Sellers should optimize fulfillment by selecting FCs with high throughput and low check-in times.

Top USA Fulfillment Centers by Region

In the Northeast, ABE8 (NJ) and TEB9 (NJ) showcase efficient operations with quick check-in times and substantial throughput (~ 1.1 million units processed on average). AVP1 (PA), while maintaining a respectable check-in time, demonstrates significantly lower throughput (~ 350,000 units processed). This data emphasizes the importance of balancing check-in time and throughput in evaluating fulfillment center performance, ensuring optimal operations and customer satisfaction.

In the Midwest, MDW2 (IL) leads with a check-in time of 4.33 days and an impressive throughput of approximately 475,446 units. FWA4 (WA), although experiencing a longer check-in time at 5.14 days, maintains a respectable throughput of around 332,514 units. Meanwhile, IND9 (IN), with a check-in time of 5.31 days, demonstrates a slightly lower throughput of about 212,324 units. These metrics underscore the importance of balancing check-in time and throughput for efficient fulfillment center operations in the Midwest region.

In the West, LAS1 (NV) stands out with a check-in time of 5.08 days and a notable throughput of around 698,570 units. GYR3 (AZ) follows closely behind, boasting a shorter check-in time of 4.15 days and a throughput of approximately 701,098 units. Conversely, SCK4 (CA) exhibits a longer check-in time of 5.51 days, resulting in a slightly lower throughput of about 518,907 units. These figures highlight the significance of check-in time in influencing throughput and overall fulfillment center performance across the Western region.

In the South, CLT2 exhibits a commendable check-in time of 4.38 days, resulting in a robust throughput of approximately 960,989 units. However, SBD1, with a longer check-in time of 5.54 days, experiences a notably lower throughput of around 318,267 units. Similarly, FTW1 demonstrates the challenges of longer check-in times, achieving a throughput of approximately 286,585 units with a check-in time of 6 days. These figures underscore the critical role of check-in time in determining throughput and overall fulfillment center performance in the Southern region.

Top 20 Fulfillment Centers Ranked by Throughput

Sellers Best Practices:

  1. Choose FCs with high throughputs and low check-in times
  2. Develop an FC Roster to spread inventory across multiple FCs in a region
  3. Follow FC rules to avoid delays.
  4. Optimize shipping plans to reduce costs.
  5. Stay updated with Amazon policies and be flexible.

Final Thoughts

Fast FCs are vital for order fulfillment. Choose efficient FCs for smooth operations, boost consumer satisfaction, and cut processing times. Throughput is a crucial metric to assess competing FCs.


We assessed the following performance metrics from a subset of internal data records and Amazon reports: 

  • Check-in time
  • Throughput
  • Quantity received
  • Quantity shipped
  • Shipment item count. 

FCs were ranked using a weighted system, favoring superior efficiency(higher throughput & lower check-in times). We visualized the ranked data with intuitive charts and insightful commentary, offering actionable insights for ecommerce merchants.

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