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Threecolts Upgrades - April 2023 🛠️

Emma Ritson
April 4, 2023
February 28, 2024
Monthly release notes for Threecolts products that have been upgraded to 100% efficiency and effectiveness

Read on for our exciting new features, latest promotions, and awesome integrations.

Tactical Arbitrage

New Feature:

We’ve introduced a new “Guided Search” to Tactical Arbitrage. Guided Search offers a lightweight product search, allowing you to search by category or site, focusing on specific and popular sections. You can check out all the details in the video below.


Product Changes:

  • Centralized account management in Threecolts Manager: Manage accounts for Bindwise and other Threecolts products in one location.
  • User roles and access levels: Manage users as "Organization Admin" or "Regular User" to provide different levels of access.
  • Switch between accounts: Users can easily move between accounts using a dropdown in the top navigation bar.


Product integrations:

  • Onsite Support integration: ChannelReply is now included free with all Onsite Support plans. Check out our Onsite Support integration infographic for screenshots and detailed info. Or if you already have Onsite and want to get started, read our setup guide here.
  • Amazon chat integration: Order data is displayed on completed chats with Amazon customers in Onsite Support.
  • Onsite Support custom fields: Use ChannelReply data as variables to personalize canned replies automatically. Check out our guide to Onsite custom fields for setup instructions.

New Features:

Product Update:

  • Improved reporting: Current and historical messaging data for all seven supported marketplaces is now available on the Statistics page.
  • Etsy Seller Message Synch: New feature allows Etsy messages to appear as internal notes in your helpdesk.
  • Automatic tagging: eBay tickets for international orders are now tagged "internationalorder" automatically.
  • Feedback tab in the Statistics page: Users can view a breakdown of Amazon and eBay feedback requests sent, pending, or undeliverable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple bug fixes, including issues with eBay messaging, Shopify app updates, Zoho Desk department detection, and back market.


New Features:

  • New "Alerts" menu added to the top nav for easy access to notifications.
  • Alerts added for account health status and metrics.
  • Alerts V2 added for changes at the SKU/ASIN level:
  • Estimated Total Fee
  • Estimated Referral Fee Per Unit
  • Estimated Variable Closing Fee
  • Estimated Fulfillment Fee Per Unit

Product Update:

  • Account Manager Dropdown: Integrated account management with the 3C Manager, allowing the addition of new FW sub-accounts and switching between them using the 3C top nav dropdown.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various internal improvements and bug fixes, including searchable fields and implementation of new “SPAPI” reports for fetching/alerting on FBA estimate fees.


Product Update:

  • New pricing system: Implemented a multi-layer pricing system for products shipped by SellerRunning House warehouse, making 70% of shipments more cost-effective.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed integration bug with SmartRepricer.
  • Added an easy-to-use insurance feature for warehouse shipments.


Product Update:

  • Enhanced Shipping Templates section: Improved alignment with Amazon Seller Central offerings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed integration bug with SellerRunning for the profit section.

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