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Threecolts Upgrades - August 2023

Thom Choice
August 15, 2023
August 15, 2023

Read on for our exciting new features, latest promotions, and awesome integrations

ThreeColts Manager

New Feature

Account Naming Capability for Threecolts Products:

  • Users can now name accounts during the creation process, streamlining the onboarding and account creation process for organizations with multiple accounts.


New Features

SIQ - Login Optimization & Offline Version Media Product Support:

  • Added support for media product lookup in the offline database version, enhancing offline product scanning capability.
  • Improved login experience:
  • Introduced Show/Hide password feature at login.
  • Added company copy text at the bottom of the login for user guidance on signup. Different signup methods implemented for iOS and Google Play Store due to respective store policies.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues related to:

  1. Duplicate subscription item creation during trial period downgrade.
  2. UI not displaying plan names in Account & Billing.
  3. Introduced new coupons and optimized code.

FeedbackWhiz - Profit & Analytics

New Feature

Expense Manager - Update:

  • Enhanced the Expense Manager to display product info for monthly recurring expenses/revenues.


New Features

WooCommerce Integration for Most Supported Helpdesks:

  • Introduced a WooCommerce integration for multiple helpdesks including Onsite Support, Zendesk, and Gorgias. This upgrade enables direct viewing of WooCommerce order data in helpdesks, simplifying workflows.
  • For most helpdesks, this integration offers the ability to use custom fields, enabling users to pull WooCommerce data into rules, triggers, and more. This enhances automation capabilities and allows for tasks like auto-assigning tickets about specific items to specific agents.
  • Onsite Support, Zoho Desk, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Re:amaze and Kustomer users have access to WooCommerce actions. Issue refunds, update order statuses to completed, cancelled and more, and edit details like shipping addresses at will.

WooCommerce Integration for Gorgias:

  • Gorgias, with its unique variables system, offers a different experience. While it doesn't support the multi-click actions required for certain WooCommerce tasks like editing orders or issuing refunds, it provides a robust capability for auto-personalizing canned replies.

Gorgias users can utilize any field from the ChannelReply app as a placeholder in their responses, offering tailored communications.

Try it For Yourself:

If you’re a WooCommerce seller you can enable the integration by contacting ChannelReply customer support here.


Product Update

Ready-to-use Strategy Templates for Enhanced Repricing:

SmartRepricer has created a suite of eight strategy templates tailored for both FBM and FBA sellers. (4 for each) These templates are designed to cater to diverse business goals, ensuring you remain agile and competitive. Here’s a brief run-down of each one.

  • Sales Booster:
  • Aim: To aggressively increase sales volume.
  • Approach: This strategy may lead to price reductions to secure the buy box. While it aims to raise prices when possible, its primary focus is on acquiring and retaining the buy box position.
  • Ideal For: Sellers looking to rapidly increase sales, even if it means selling at a lower price point.
  • Profit Booster:
  • Aim: To maximize profits while targeting the buy box.
  • Approach: This strategy seeks to generate sales at prices higher than the buy box, balancing buy box acquisition with profit optimization.
  • Ideal For: Sellers who prioritize profit, even if it means a slightly slower sales pace.
  • Balanced Enhancer:
  • Aim: To strike a balance between sales and profit.
  • Approach: Designed to achieve optimal results by maintaining a balance between maximizing sales volume and profitability.
  • Ideal For: Sellers who value both sales growth and a healthy bottom line.
  • Aggressive Lowest:
  • Aim: To capture market share by offering the lowest prices.
  • Approach: Strategically undercuts competitors to attract cost-conscious customers.
  • Ideal For: Sellers looking to dominate the market through aggressive pricing.

By providing sellers with these ready-to-use templates, SmartRepricer makes sure that users can quickly adapt to market changes, optimize their pricing strategies, and achieve their business objectives with greater efficiency.


New Feature

Automatic Approval via Extension for Amazon Products:

  • With Amazon's evolving product approval process, sellers often found themselves navigating a maze of surveys and document submissions for product approvals.

SellerRunning has developed an innovative method that leverages its browser extension to fix this. Now, users can effortlessly complete these surveys with a single click, making the bulk search and list feature more efficient and user-friendly.