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Threecolts Upgrades - February 2023 🛠️

Emma Ritson
February 7, 2023
March 9, 2023
Threecolts upgrades January 2023

Read on for our latest upgrades, exciting new features and awesome integrations.

Featured Promotions

  • SIQ is now free for Tactical Arbitrage Full Suite users!
  • SIQ users were given an extended 14-day trial to TA Full Suite.


  • Alerts:
    - - FeedbackWhiz will now notify you about suppressions.
    - - Client can now filter for two alert types: alerts & goals.
    - - The alert type is displayed in separate column.
  • FBW Profits:
    - - FBA Sales and FBM Sales are now updated not to include taxes.
  • Bug fixes:
    - - Fixed positive seller feedback fetching for Saudi Arabia marketplace.
    - - FBW Alerts List Management: fixed bugs and updated UI.
  • SSO:
    - - Fixed issue where additional users couldn't log in.


  • Updated our audit algorithm for Australian and Japanese marketplaces:
    - - Amazon recently introduced the AUS and JP Inventory Ledger report in Seller Central, so we updated our system to match the new reporting format. This update ensures we don't miss any opportunities when it comes to auditing your inventory across all 20 Amazon marketplaces.


  • Migration to the Inventory Ledger report:
    - - As you may already be aware, Amazon has deprecated a number of reports in favor of the Inventory Ledger report. This report has been designed to provide a more comprehensive overview of inventory-related events and activities, making it easier for our team of Case Managers to conduct secondary audits on your account. Our team of Case Managers are now utilizing the Inventory Ledger report to monitor and investigate inventory events, allowing us to ensure that all the data that is associated with your account is accurate and up-to-date. This new report has been an invaluable resource for us in our mission to provide the most comprehensive service possible when it comes to investigating inventory events.
  • Fixes:
    - - We fixed a bug related to the broken link in the in-app notification that asks users to reconnect their Amazon storefront.
    - - Our team resolved a bug relating to the Shipment page, which was caused by outdated filters within our system.


  • Filter features:
    - - New feature allows users to filter in-depth all FBA competitors.


  • Functioning:
    - - SP-API app approved and registered on Amazon app store (integration coming soon!).


  • Filter:
    - - Users can now search and filter for seasonal prices.
    - - A new feature allows to restrict items from appearing on multiple searches.
    - - It is now possible to adjust cache or filter settings mid-search.
  • Functioning:
    - - PHP was updated to the latest version.
    - - Fixed a bug where restriction information was incorrect.


  • We’ve acquired a new product!
    - - Threecolts is happy to announce that ScoutIQ joined our family to offerhelp you effortless with book arbitrage straight from your smartphone!
  • Survey:
    - - We ran a survey for the existing users to understand their needs better.


  • Notifications:
    - - ChannelReply is now able to pull Amazon order status updates in real time instead of only once every four hours.
  • Shopify update:
    - - Recognize your customers across multiple storefronts! If you have multiple Shopify accounts connected to ChannelReply, it’s possible that your customer will purchase from you on two or more of your stores. When this happens, you can use the “Select Another Related Store” dropdown in the ChannelReply app to switch the store you’re viewing orders for.
    - - The Shipping Address custom field for Shopify no longer displays the customer’s last name twice.
    - - The “Select Another Order” dropdown for Shopify is now labeled properly instead of being blank.
  • Kustomer update:
    - - Custom fields are now cut off at 1,021 characters for Kustomer accounts. This is because Kustomer has a hard limit of 1,024 characters, and if any custom field exceeds that length, Kustomer will not accept the message for delivery. The length limit ensures messages are delivered consistently.
  • CR Feedback update:
    - - “Avoid Negative Feedback” blocks CR Feedback from sending feedback requests to Amazon customers who have contacted you, already submitted negative feedback, or been blacklisted. This feature is disabled by default but can be enabled from the CR Feedback dashboard in your ChannelReply account.

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