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Threecolts Upgrades - March 2023 🛠️

Emma Ritson
March 10, 2023
March 10, 2023
Release notes on Amazon and e-commerce selling products

Read on for our exciting new features, latest promotions, and awesome integrations.


We’ve acquired a new product!

  • Threecolts recently acquired DimeTyd, a fully automated solution for Amazon vendors that seamlessly recoups unwarranted deductions. DimeTyd services are available globally for Amazon 1P marketplaces.

Product features

Manage Invoices

  • DimeTyd invoicing significantly reduces shortages and improves cash flow for our customers by addressing the issue of incorrect invoicing.

Cash Application

  • DimeTyd's ML solution automates cash applications for Amazon invoices, streamlining accounting and reducing the transaction time from 12 hours to under an hour.

Operational Chargeback Management

  • DimeTyd manages the entire Operational Chargeback process, including timely disputing, root cause analysis, areas of improvement, monitoring, and reporting. We'll work with you to identify and fix the root causes of deductions within the short dispute window.

Itemized Shortage Disputes

  • Amazon's policy allows vendors to dispute shortage lines twice using the Dispute Management function. However, they cannot raise disputes on the same line until the first dispute has been denied. This process can become laborious. Our fully automated solution handles this daily, saving you time and resources.

Financial Scorecard

  • We create your Amazon 1P P&L statement every month and identify ways to plug revenue leaks. Our Scorecard provides actionable financial data.

ASIN Profitability

  • This feature will show ASIN-level profitability, allowing you to identify the most profitable and unprofitable ASINs/SKUs.

ASIN Forecasting

  • With this tool, forecast Amazon demand for 26 weeks ahead and determine the stock needed to meet demand by ASIN/SKU.


Product integrations

Onsite support Integration

  • ChannelReply has now integrated Onsite Support through a live closed beta. Onsite helps brands reduce returns, avoid bad reviews, and increase customer loyalty with exceptional customer support. Custom fields will be available, which will allow users to access order data for use in automations.

  • In the future, the custom fields will allow users to create canned response placeholders, making it easier to generate quick responses to common customer inquiries.

Gorgias authentication integration

  • Gorgias users can now integrate ChannelReply simply by entering their Gorgias domain and login email in ChannelReply.

New Features

“Merge Returns” setting for Walmart.

  • Normally, Walmart creates a separate return ticket for every item returned. "Merge Returns" will send all notifications about returns related to one order ID into the same ticket. This setting is enabled by default.

“Only accept Walmart messages” filter for Walmart.

  • Our new “Only accept Walmart messages” setting allows Walmart sellers to avoid getting spammed by people who learn their ChannelReply email. Note that this setting is disabled by default.

Back Market features

  • "Treat BM staff messages as customer messages" setting added for Back Market.
    When you enable this option, messages from Back Market staff will appear as regular messages from the customer, rather than as internal notes from one of your agents. This setting is disabled by default.

Bug fixes

  • Issues with signatures, formatting errors, and notifications for Ebay users
  • Multiple fixes for Kustomer have been released.
  • During the transition to OAuth, some users may have struggled with Gorgias setup from 2/6 to 2/21. These are now fully resolved. Users who encountered difficulties should try again and can reach out to us for a new free trial if needed.
  • Users struggling to change channel reply email for etsy resolved.
  • CR Feedback requests issues have been fixed.

Seller Running


  • SellerRunning is currently offering a welcome code for new users! Find out how to seamlessly list on Amazon marketplaces, use smart pricing strategies, and increase your profits. You can use the WELCOME50 code to get 50% off on your first month.

Product update

  • Also, keep your eyes open. SellerRunning is introducing a new pricing strategy for its warehouse module that will allow our users to profit even more from their sales.



  • We rebranded our Amazon repricing tool as SmartRepricer which can be used by both FBA, private labels, and FBM sellers alike!


  • When purchased with SellerRunning, our Amazon FBM tool, SmartRepricer has a 20% lifetime discount. It integrates seamlessly without hassle into our FBM product. Feel free to try it with our 2-week trial and boost your profits even more.



  • Active Tactical Arbitrage users will be offered a regular free gift, allowing them free scanning for up to 12 hours. None of the searches started in that period will add up to their monthly minutes.

Product changes

  • Tactical Arbitrage is moving away from passwords for user permission management. Customers will be able to manage users via Manager. This is set to go live on the 10th of March.

New Features

  • Users can now switch between having a basic or advanced view per tab on TacticalArbitrage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Scans were stopping early
  • Products were showing incorrect Hazmat information


New Features

  • Users are now provided additional details on restricted items at the point of scan.


Alerts Insight

  • Added a new "Alerts" menu to the top navigation.
  • Use the bell menu for /notifications

New Alerts

  • Account Health Status
  • Account Health Metrics


Bug fixes

  • User account creation and activation flow issues resolved
  • 30-day trial language fixed to say 14 days on features page

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