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Threecolts Upgrades - May 2023

Thom Choice
May 2, 2023
February 28, 2024
Blog / Release Notes

Read on for our exciting new features, latest promotions, and awesome integrations

Tactical Arbitrage

New Feature:

  • View Data Column Descriptors: To improve the learning curve for new users, column definitions have been added to the View Data tab. Hover over the tooltip icon in the header of each column to see the definition.

Bug Fix:

  • Auto-paused scans during Free Gift period: Fixed an issue where auto-paused scans during the 12-hour "free minutes" period were counting towards users' minutes when restarted outside the "free minutes" period. Non-trial users will no longer be penalized for scans auto-pausing during the "free minutes" period.


New Features:

  • Amazon & eBay seller feedback integration: ChannelReply now displays customer feedback next to support tickets, helping you stay informed of negative or neutral feedback. This feature is available for all users.
  • Manually add orders when ChannelReply has no data (Beta): Onsite users can now manually enter an order ID for any marketplace when ChannelReply is unable to match a ticket to an order. This feature is in beta and users should report any issues to
  • Edit domain URLs for Onsite users: Users can now edit their domain directly in Onsite without involving staff. To do so, go to Administration > Support Channels > Community Portal Options > Change Account Name and enter the new domain for your account.

FeedbackWhiz Emails

Feature Fix:

  • Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging changes reverted: Amazon has reverted the changes made to the Buyer-Seller Messaging platform, which had removed the body content of emails and forced buyers to click to read messages inside BSM.

Customers who receive proactive messages now have the complete message body in the email experience. This affects all FeedbackWhiz Email users using buyer-seller messaging email automation.


Product Update:

  • Complete SSO Integration: SmartRepricer is now an official part of the 3C suite, the staging environment has been built and is live.

You can now start automatically adjusting your store prices to surpass competitors via the Threecolts manager!


New Features:

  • ScoutIQ SSO Integration: ScoutIQ users can now log in/register on Threecolts Manager. Multi-account and multi-organisation support allow users to switch between orgsisations and accounts via the Threecolts manager Top Navigation.

Product Changes:

  • SIQ desktop users will be directed to Threecolts Manager to log in using their existing credentials and prompted to change their password.
  • Mobile users will be prompted to change their password upon first login.
  • "Parent" users need to add/remove users in Threecolts Manager rather than in the app. Permissions for users will still be handled in the app: ScoutIQ App

For all active SIQ users:

FAQ for Customer Service agents:ScoutIQ FAQ Document

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