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Threecolts Upgrades - November 2022 🛠️

Yoda Yee
November 1, 2022
November 9, 2022
Threecolts upgrades november 2022

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  • Improved onboarding flow and fixed redirect bugs.
  • Added Contact Us chat functionality


  • Amazon updates
    -- Amazon Belgium is now supported.
  • eBay updates
    -- eBay sellers can now choose to have Resolution Center Support tickets threaded with buyer messages.
    -- We've added "Thread buyer messages into X tickets" settings for Resolution Center Inquiry, Case, and Return tickets. These settings are disabled by default. If you enable them, then Resolution Center notifications about a specific buyer will appear inside the same tickets as regular eBay messages from that buyer.
  • Walmart updates
    -- Walmart Return notifications now display the customer's Return Reason.
  • Etsy updates
    -- If the customer is a seller, we will also gather all public info from their Etsy store and provide detailed info in the Customer section.
    -- Respond directly to Etsy messages through your helpdesk.
    -- If we are able to collect the customer's email address, we will display it in the Primary Email field in the Customer section. It will then be possible to respond to the message by email from inside your helpdesk—even if the customer hasn't placed an order.
    -- ChannelReply now displays order data on Etsy refund notifications.
  • Custom Field Updates (affecting Zendesk / Freshdesk / Help Scout / Re:amaze / Zoho Desk / Kustomer):
    -- Launched new Custom Fields FAQ.
  • App Improvements (affecting Zendesk / Freshdesk / Re:amaze / Zoho Desk / Kustomer):
    -- We've added the Copy button to the following fields that were previously missing it: (1) Item Title for all marketplaces. (2) Each field in the Shipments section of Etsy tickets (Carrier Name, Shipment Notified, Tracking Number).


  • Users can now call data by either Parent or Child ASIN. Querying the Parent ASIN will show information related to all related Child ASINs.

FeedbackWhiz Profit Analytics

  • Added "Products" tab (profits data view by ASIN) *moved from Products page into PL page.
  • Added Product Filters: ASINS, SKUS, Labels, Product Lists
  • Dashboard (Product Comparison):
    -- Added option for Graph Type display: Line/Bar, Pie
    -- Added button to toggle on/off graphs per table row
    -- Added Pie Graph and options for metric type


  • Fixed bug relating to some orders not showing up in their respective invoices.
  • Fixed bug relating to some customers not being able to add a new payment method.


  • Improved data accuracy and monitoring techniques.


  • Launched PrinceletSQL, a SQL query editor and drag-and-drop dashboard tool for ecommerce sellers. Easily connect, query, and visualize your data. Free until January 2023.
  • Improved data latency on native Threecolts data sources.
  • Launched new data security features.


  • Launched Shortage Claim Management beta for Amazon Vendor Central businesses. Reach out to to opt in.
  • Updated Seller Central algorithms with the new inventory reports.


  • Improved the Login with Amazon onboarding process. Users can now seamlessly onboard and reauthorize expired connections.
  • Updated API call schedules to optimize for higher recoveries.


  • New and fixed websites:
  • Launched multi-user functionality. Users can now add VAs to their TA account without giving the master login!
  • Launched "Recycle Bin". User will now be able to recover deleted products for up to 24hrs.
  • Launched "Box Calculator". Enter any ASIN and box size to check how many items of a product can fit in the box. You will find our "Box Calculator" in the analysis section of the left panel.

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