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Mother's Day Trends for Amazon Sellers Unlocked: Office Products Subcategory Analysis

Threecolts Staff
April 30, 2024
May 30, 2024
Mothers Day trends for amazon sellers

As Mother's Day draws near, Amazon sellers have a golden opportunity to boost their sales.  This special occasion is an optimal time for sellers to engage in seasonal sales. To help sellers (you) create a successful campaign, we'll explore the best products for Mother's Day. Our analysis focuses on the office products subcategory.

At Threecolts, we’re building the best online marketplace management platform. We believe it's our job to give our partners key information to help them make informed decisions. From useful items like all-purpose labels to decorative accents like candles, we'll delve into consumer preferences and behaviors. Through data analysis, we'll identify the key drivers behind click shares and conversion rates. The results can help Amazon sellers refine and optimize their eCommerce strategy for a successful Mother's Day sale.

Written by Geri Mileva and Ahmed Sanda

Key Observation

Sentimental gifts take the cake. In various product categories, buyers prefer sentimental and personalized items as gifts. Seasonal greeting cards, in particular, are a strong Mother's Day gifting choice. Click-through shares for greeting cards ranged from 4.17% to 71.43%, with an impressive average conversion rate of 8.38% vs. 7.67% overall category average. This indicates that those considering seasonal greeting cards are likely to buy them, showing that they meet customers’ needs effectively. 

Greeting cards offer a sentimental, convenient, and affordable way for customers to express their love and appreciation to mothers on Mother's Day. There's a demand for these sentimental items, and sellers can meet this by offering tailor-made products. Customization options like name printing or photo upload can satisfy consumers' desire for personalized gifts.

Top Clicked and Converted Mother’s Day Office Product Subcategories for Sellers

We examined specific subcategories to study how different types of office products performed during Mother's Day. Here's a summary of what we found from the data provided:

Top performing office product subcategory analysis

Top Mother’s Day Office Products Subcategories

Top searched office products subcategories

Cards are the most popular subcategory. Seasonal cards, especially, attract the most clicks. Birthday cards follow with 23.3%. Greeting and thank you cards rank third and fourth. Cards remain the go-to present for special occasions. They provide a platform to express heartfelt sentiments and appreciation to mothers. Mother's Day trends for Amazon sellers should include funny, sassy, and sappy cards. Moreover, cards with pop-ups, 3D elements, or space for personalization like photos or handwritten messages are always on trend.

Seasonal cards, with a 59.2% market share, are the go-to choice because they perfectly capture the essence of Mother's Day. These keepsakes offer the opportunity for personalization with a handwritten message, adding a thoughtful touch to the gift. There's also a wide variety of Mother's Day cards to choose from, catering to various style and design preferences and personalities.

Amazon sellers looking to capitalize on Mother's Day trends can leverage seasonal cards to boost revenue. Seasonal Mother's Day cards are often given alongside other gifts, like flowers, chocolates, or something from the recipient’s wish list. Amazon sellers can market cards with themes relevant to specific hobbies or interests, like gardening, cooking, or reading. Sellers can offer a variety of humor styles, like cards for analog moms, which customers can buy for their mothers who aren’t as tech-savvy.  

Moreover, vendors can move beyond traditional "mom" imagery to target a broader market. They can offer cards celebrating grandmothers, aunts, stepmoms, and motherly figures.

Average conversion shares for top 10 office products subcategories

All subcategories' conversion share fluctuates over time. No subcategory shows a consistent conversion share across all reporting dates. This suggests that other factors may be influencing conversion rates. These factors could include marketing campaigns, algorithm updates, market trend shifts, or web traffic changes.

Seasonal subcategories tend to have higher conversion rates around the expected buying times. Greeting card sales significantly increased during the first week of April 2023. There was another notable spike in sales of blank cards in the third week of the same month. Between said weeks was Easter weekend, which can be the reason for the increased sales. Seasonal demand capitalizes on the natural rhythm of consumer behavior. Easter often falls near Mother's Day. This creates a concentrated window of gift-giving, where people might be shopping for both holidays at once. This can lead to a significant rise in sales for greeting cards, especially before the second Sunday of May (Mother's Day).


Knowing this sales surge is coming, sellers can leverage it by promoting the convenience of one-stop shopping for both holidays. Sellers can run targeted social media ads or email campaigns showcasing Mother's Day cards during the Easter week to stay top-of-mind for those last-minute Easter shoppers who might also be considering Mother's Day gifts. To cater to diverse customer preferences, sellers must also ensure a well-stocked inventory of Mother's Day-specific cards in various styles and price points. 

Non-seasonal subcategories tend to have a more consistent conversion rate over time. For example, all-purpose labels and envelopes have a flatter conversion rate line.

Seller Strategy: Sellers can optimize the Mother's Day shopping experience by bundling greeting cards with other popular office product categories. Notebooks, writing pads, and diaries collectively have a market share of 1.5%. Mother's Day trends for sellers may include a bundle of monogrammed writing tools with custom greeting cards. Moreover, hand and nail creams have a market share of 1.4%. Bundling a customized seasonal card with these products is a thoughtful gesture for a mother's well-being. Hand and nail creams are also versatile. They come in various formulations, scents, and textures. Sellers can provide a variety to give buyers ample choices.

Sellers can further create a win-win situation by partnering with local florists or gift shops. This allows them to offer pre-designed or customizable gift bundles that combine their unique cards with beautiful flowers, gourmet chocolates, or other popular Mother's Day gifts. This elevates the products’ perceived value for customers and encourages them to purchase special packages over individual items. Additionally, promoting pre-order discounts or special bundles can incentivize early purchases and boost sales before the actual Mother’s Day shopping rush.

Top Converting Mother’s Day Bundles

Seller Insights and Implications

  1. People still favor practical office supplies for Mother's Day gifts. Gifts like all-purpose labels and ballpoint pens offer functionality and utility.
  2.  Decorative accents are also popular options. Scented candles and artificial flowers brighten up office spaces.
  3. Organization products are great practical Mother's Day gifts. Notepads and diaries help them manage their time and plan ahead.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Office products are a subcategory that Amazon sellers should pay attention to this coming Mother's Day. Based on engagements and conversion rates, the best products are practical, sentimental, and cost-effective. Moreover, they can all be customized and bundled with other items. In summary:

  • The winning combo is sentimental and practical. Personalized, practical gifts strike the right balance between conveying a heartfelt message and giving sensible items that mothers always use. Labels and pens are practical. However, they can be elevated to sentimental presents when customized with sweet messages.
  •  A lasting symbol of affection is a crowd favorite. Items that can be kept for a long time are great Mother's Day presents. Decorative ones, like synthetic flowers and colorful candles, can instantly change the vibe of an uninspired space.
  •  Emotional resonance and convenience hit the mark. Gift sets that encourage mothers to exercise their creative and organizational skills have a lot of market appeal. Items like journals and planners offer curated experiences and practical solutions.

Optimizing your product listings for Mother's Day can increase your revenue. Use the insights listed above to create or revamp your marketing strategies. Prioritize sentimentality, convenience, aesthetic appeal, and practicality. By tapping into these aspects, you can create product listings that capture the hearts and minds of consumers during special occasions like Mother's Day.

Check this page for other online retail insights. This resource provides valuable information that can help Amazon sellers optimize their eCommerce strategies for seasonal and non-seasonal sales.

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