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Unlocking Easter Sales Potential: Insights and Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Ahmed Sanda
February 19, 2024
March 18, 2024

As Easter approaches, sellers on Amazon are gearing up to capitalize on the bustling holiday shopping season. With consumer behavior evolving and search trends fluctuating, understanding the intricacies of Easter-related product sales is paramount for optimizing strategies and driving sales. In this comprehensive analysis, we delve into Easter search trends (search data containing easter in the search terms), conversion insights, and bundling opportunities to equip sellers with actionable strategies for success in the Easter marketplace.

At Threecolts, we are building the most comprehensive online marketplace management platform, and we believe it’s our responsibility to empower our partners with crucial information to aid their decision-making.

Key Observations:

Capitalizing on Easter Shopping Trends

  • Early Promotion: Start promotions in mid-February targeting key categories like Toys, Apparel, and Home. Offer promotions targeting key search terms, such as ‘Easter basket stuffers’ and ‘Easter candy’ to attract early shoppers.
  • Peak Marketing: Increase marketing efforts in early to mid-March to capitalize on heightened consumer demand, particularly in Toys.
  • Last-Minute Sales: Cater to last-minute shoppers in late March with ample stock and expedited shipping options.
  • Post-Easter Clearance: Liquidate excess inventory through clearance sales post-Easter, gathering feedback for future seasons.(See Appendix for Sellers Playbook)

Diversifying Products and Cross-Selling

  • Product Variety: Offer a mix of Easter-themed, seasonal, and complementary items to broaden appeal.
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities: Promote related products like decorations with candy, and bundle items for increased sales.

Easter Bundling Benefits

  • Higher Conversions: Bundled Easter items convert 39% higher on average than unbundled products.
  • Value Enhancement: Create irresistible bundles tailored to customer needs to drive sales and differentiate offerings.

Easter Search Trends

Overall Easter Period Search Term Frequency Bar Chart
  1. Late February - Early March: Initial Interest Phase
  • Search Trends: During this period, there is an initial uptick in search activity for Easter-related products, with categories like Toys, Apparel, and Home garnering significant attention. Consumers begin exploring Easter-themed items such as toys for egg hunts, apparel for family gatherings & religious outings, and home decorations for seasonal ambiance.
  • Seller Strategy: Ensure that your product listings are optimized with relevant keywords related to Easter, such as "Easter basket stuffers," "Easter decorations," and "Easter candy." Use these keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and backend search terms to improve visibility. Sellers can capitalize on early consumer interest by offering promotions and discounts on these popular categories to attract early shoppers. It's an ideal time to showcase a diverse range of Easter products and build anticipation for upcoming festivities. Use high-quality images and visuals that reflect the Easter theme. Update product titles, bullet points, A+ content, and listings to showcase your products being used in Easter settings, such as family gatherings or egg hunts, to help customers envision how your items can contribute to their celebrations.
  1. Early March - Mid March: Peak Interest Phase
  • Search Trends: Search activity peaks during this period as Easter approaches, with a surge in demand across various product categories. Toys, in particular, experience a substantial increase in search frequency as families prepare for Easter celebrations. Other categories like Apparel, Home, and Grocery also witness heightened interest.
  • Seller Strategy: Sellers should ramp up their marketing efforts by identifying the most relevant and high-performing keywords based on the surge in demand. Allocate a higher budget to sponsored product campaigns targeting these keywords to ensure maximum visibility during this peak period, and leverage promotions to maximize conversion rates. It's a strategic time to focus on Easter-themed products and launch targeted campaigns to drive sales.
  1. Late March: Last-Minute Shopping Phase
  • Search Trends: In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, last-minute shoppers intensify their search activity, particularly for essential Easter items like Toys, Apparel, and Grocery items. Consumers seek quick and convenient options for gifts, outfits, and festive treats.
  • Seller Strategy: Sellers should ensure ample stock availability and offer expedited shipping options to cater to last-minute shoppers. Promotions and discounts on popular Easter products can incentivize purchases and encourage impulse buying. Sellers should also adjust their paid advertising strategy to focus on last-minute keywords and shopper intent. Allocate budget to campaigns targeting terms like "last-minute Easter gifts" or "quick Easter outfits" to capture the attention of procrastinating shoppers.
  1. Post-Easter: Clearance and Planning Phase
  • Search Trends: Following Easter Sunday, search activity gradually declines as the holiday festivities wind down. Consumers shift their focus to post-holiday clearance sales and begin planning for upcoming events or occasions.
  • Seller Strategy: Sellers can leverage post-Easter clearance sales to liquidate excess inventory and make room for new seasonal merchandise. It's also an opportune time to gather feedback from customers, analyze sales performance, and strategize for future holiday seasons. Sellers should update their product listings to reflect the transition away from Easter.

By understanding how search frequency changes over time and strategically timing their sales efforts, sellers can effectively navigate the Easter shopping season, optimize product offerings, and maximize profitability.

Overall Easter Period Search Term Frequency Donut Chart
Weekly Easter Search Term Frequency Donut Chart

Easter Conversion Trends

Easter Amazon Search Term Conversion Trends for Top 10 Searched Easter Categories

As Easter approaches, sellers on Amazon are presented with dynamic shifts in consumer behavior, reflected in fluctuating conversion rates across various product categories. By dissecting the conversion trends observed in our comprehensive analysis of Easter search data, we aim to equip sellers with actionable insights to optimize their strategies and capitalize on key periods of heightened conversion.

In analyzing the conversion trends of top-searched products leading up to Easter, it's evident that certain periods witness significant fluctuations in conversion rates, presenting strategic opportunities for sellers to maximize their sales. Let's delve into each category individually to discern actionable insights:

Toys: Conversion rates for toys steadily climb from early March, peaking at 11.89% around three weeks before Easter, before gradually declining. Sellers should capitalize on this peak by optimizing promotions and inventory to meet heightened demand, tailoring offerings to Easter-themed toys or seasonal favorites to maintain momentum in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

Apparel: The apparel category experiences fluctuating conversion rates, with notable peaks occurring in late April, followed by declines in subsequent weeks. To leverage these fluctuations, sellers can introduce limited-time promotions or bundle deals, aligning with consumer preferences for spring fashion or Easter-themed attire to drive sales during peak periods.

Home: Home-related products exhibit steady conversion rates throughout March and April, with a notable peak observed around four weeks before Easter. Sellers can leverage this peak by highlighting Easter home decor or hosting special sales events to entice buyers seeking to refresh their living spaces for the holiday season.

Grocery: Conversion rates for grocery items surge in the weeks leading up to Easter, peaking at 17.25% in mid-April. This spike indicates heightened consumer interest in Easter-themed food items and holiday essentials. Sellers should adjust their inventory accordingly, stocking up on seasonal favorites and offering promotions on Easter-specific groceries to capitalize on increased demand.

Books: The books category consistently maintains high conversion rates exceeding 30% throughout March, with notable peaks observed around three weeks before Easter. The majority of searched and converted books are children’s Easter books that could double as Easter basket stuffers for the youth. Sellers can seize this opportunity by curating Easter-themed book bundles or launching targeted marketing campaigns to promote holiday reading lists, appealing to parents seeking literary inspiration for their children in the season.

Kitchen: Conversion rates for kitchen products fluctuate throughout the Easter period, with a notable peak observed in mid-March. Sellers can leverage this peak by promoting kitchen gadgets or hosting cooking-themed events to engage buyers preparing for Easter gatherings or culinary adventures.

Lawn and Garden: Lawn and garden products experience moderate fluctuations in conversion rates, with a significant peak observed around four weeks before Easter. Sellers can capitalize on this peak by showcasing Easter-themed outdoor decor or offering promotions on gardening supplies, enticing consumers eager to spruce up their outdoor spaces for the holiday.

Office Products: Conversion rates for office products vary across reporting weeks but maintain a relatively stable range, indicating sustained demand from professionals and remote workers. Sellers can tailor promotions or bundle deals to cater to home office setups or offer incentives for bulk purchases, appealing to consumers seeking productivity solutions ahead of the holiday period.

Baby: Conversion rates for baby products exhibit moderate fluctuations, with peaks observed in early March and declines leading up to Easter. Sellers can target expectant parents or caregivers with Easter-themed baby essentials or introduce limited-time offers on baby apparel and accessories to drive sales during peak periods.

Pet Products: Pet products demonstrate variability in conversion rates, with notable peaks observed in mid-March and declines thereafter. Sellers can capitalize on these peaks by offering promotions on Easter-themed pet accessories or launching targeted marketing campaigns to engage pet owners seeking holiday-inspired treats for their companions.

Health & Personal Care: Conversion rates for health and personal care items during Easter show fluctuation, with a moderate conversion share of 6.7% observed the week of April 15th, a week after Easter and coinciding with Orthodox Easter in 2023. While this represents a slight decline, it highlights ongoing consumer interest. Sellers should stay agile, using targeted promotions and marketing to sustain engagement. Easter-themed campaigns featuring wellness products can resonate with shoppers, driving sales and enhancing brand visibility during the holiday season.

By strategically aligning promotions, inventory strategies, and marketing efforts with the observed fluctuations in conversion rates across categories, sellers can effectively capitalize on the Easter period to drive sales and enhance their market presence.

Easter Bundling Opportunities

Bundled versus unbundled Easter product conversion and click share changes by category

As sellers navigate the bustling Easter marketplace on Amazon, strategic bundling presents a compelling avenue for maximizing revenue and capitalizing on shifting consumer preferences. Drawing insights from our analysis of Easter product trends on Amazon, we can offer tailored recommendations to help sellers harness the power of bundling effectively.

Our analysis of Easter-related product performance on Amazon reveals distinct trends in bundled versus non-bundled offerings. By examining conversion share deltas and click share deltas across various categories, we've identified strategic opportunities for sellers to optimize their bundling strategies.

  1. Luggage and Travel Accessories: With a significant positive conversion share delta of 16.33% and a click share delta of 13.49%, the luggage category emerges as a prime candidate for bundling. Sellers can capitalize on travelers' needs by bundling luggage with travel accessories such as packing cubes, TSA locks, and luggage tags to offer comprehensive travel solutions.

  2. Pet Essentials Bundles: Pet products demonstrate promising performance metrics, indicating strong potential for bundling. With a conversion share delta of 5.74% and a click share delta of 2.70%, sellers can curate bundles that combine pet essentials like food, toys, grooming supplies, and pet apparel to provide value-added offerings that resonate with pet owners seeking convenience and savings.

  3. Beauty Kits and Gift Sets: The beauty category exhibits favorable conversion share deltas, signaling an opportunity for bundling beauty products into curated kits and gift sets. With a conversion share delta of 4.30% and a click share delta of 1.36%, sellers can bundle skincare, makeup, and fragrance items to cater to consumers' desire for curated collections and personalized gifting options.

Actionable Strategies for Sellers:

  1. Curate Irresistible Bundles: Leverage consumer insights and market trends to curate bundled offerings that address specific customer needs and preferences. Craft bundles with complementary products that enhance value and provide a seamless shopping experience.
  2. Promote Bundle Discounts: Offer attractive bundle discounts and limited-time promotions to incentivize customers to purchase bundled products. Highlight the cost-saving benefits of bundled offerings to entice shoppers and drive conversion.
  3. Optimize Product Listings: Enhance product listings with compelling descriptions, high-quality images, and clear value propositions to effectively showcase bundled offerings. Emphasize the convenience, value, and unique benefits of bundled products to attract customer attention.

Bundling presents a lucrative opportunity for sellers to differentiate their offerings, drive sales, and maximize revenue. By strategically leveraging bundling opportunities and implementing targeted promotional strategies, sellers can establish a competitive edge in the Easter marketplace and unlock new avenues for growth. Harness the insights from our data-driven analysis to inform your bundling strategies and position your products for success in the Easter shopping period on Amazon.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

As the Easter shopping season approaches, sellers on Amazon have a prime opportunity to capitalize on shifting consumer trends and maximize their sales potential. By leveraging insights from our comprehensive analysis of Easter search trends, conversion data, and bundling opportunities, sellers can implement targeted strategies to enhance visibility, drive conversion, and differentiate their offerings in a competitive marketplace.

  1. Strategic Timing for Promotions: Analyzing search trends reveals that conversion rates for Easter-themed products peak around three to four weeks before Easter Sunday. Sellers should strategically time promotions and advertising efforts to coincide with this peak interest phase, capitalizing on heightened consumer demand and maximizing conversion rates.

  1. Optimize Bundling Strategies: Our analysis indicates that bundled offerings in categories like Luggage and Travel Accessories exhibit a significant positive conversion share delta of 16.33%, indicating strong potential for increased sales. Curate compelling bundles that combine complementary products to enhance value and drive conversion. Leverage consumer insights to tailor bundles to specific customer needs and preferences, offering attractive discounts to incentivize purchases.

  1. Enhance Product Listings and Advertising: Products with optimized listings and targeted advertising campaigns typically experience a 20% increase in click-through rates and a 15% boost in conversion rates compared to non-optimized counterparts. Invest in optimizing product listings with relevant Easter keywords, high-quality imagery, and clear value propositions to increase visibility and engagement. Leverage targeted advertising campaigns at key promotional periods (highest conversion windows) to reach a broader audience and drive traffic to your listings.

  1. Monitor Inventory and Diversify Product Offerings: Historical sales data reveals that sellers who diversify their product offerings and monitor inventory levels experience a 25% reduction in stockouts and a 30% increase in sales volume during peak periods. Sellers should diversify their product portfolio to cater to a broader range of customer preferences and mitigate risks associated with stockouts. Implement robust inventory management practices to ensure adequate stock availability and seamless order fulfillment.

Armed with these specific strategies and statistics-backed insights, sellers can optimize their approach to the Easter shopping season and drive significant growth for their Amazon business. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage data-driven recommendations and elevate your sales performance during this crucial period. Start implementing these strategies today and position your business for success in the competitive Easter marketplace!


We gathered anonymized search and sales data spanning multiple years leading up to the Easter holiday season. This data encompassed a wide range of product categories, including but not limited to Toys, Apparel, Home Decor, Grocery, and more, to capture diverse consumer interests and preferences. 

The collected data underwent rigorous processing and analysis using advanced analytical tools and techniques. We employed statistical methods to identify trends, patterns, and correlations within the dataset, allowing us to extract meaningful insights into consumer behavior, search trends, conversion rates, and product performance over time.

By adhering to a systematic methodology encompassing data collection, processing, analysis, segmentation, and validation, we aimed to deliver comprehensive and actionable insights to help sellers optimize their strategies for success during the Easter shopping season on Amazon.


Easter Selling Playbook

Easter Amazon sellers’ week by week color-coded playbook