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Valentine’s Day Trends 2024: What Products to Sell and How to Bundle Them

Ahmed Sanda
January 31, 2024
May 1, 2024
Valentine’s Day Trends for Search for 2024

As Valentine's Day approaches in 2024, we delved into the Amazon search trends in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day 2023, seeking to unravel key insights that could guide sellers in optimizing their strategies for this romantic occasion. This blog explores three distinct facets of Valentine's Day preparations: the evolving search trends, strategic bundling opportunities with gift cards, and the conversion trends within specific product categories. By dissecting these aspects, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of consumer behavior, enabling sellers to align their offerings with the desires of Valentine's Day shoppers.

At Threecolts we are building the most comprehensive online marketplace management platform and we believe it’s our responsibility to empower our partners with crucial information to aid their decision-making. 

Key Observations:

  1. Toys dominate Valentine's Day searches: Toys garner a peak of 3,734 unique search terms in the week of February 11, suggesting a preference for playful and thoughtful gifts. This is consistent with prior research on seasonal sales identifying February as a top sales month for toys. Sellers should use “Valentines” in product titles, optimize imagery for Valentine’s promotions, and align promotional strategy to push out Toy inventory as next peak season is far off in November.
  2. Cards are the second biggest marketplace mover: Top selling Valentine’s Day cards use highly positive language and reference fun ideas such as adventure, bikes, and turtles. Sellers should stock up on cards that have fun and kid friendly themes to tap into youthful nostalgia and the large search share for kids’ products. Hallmark cards came up most frequently in search but had a rather modest 8.4% conversion rate on average, whereas more bespoke cards from brands such as Silly Goose Gifts had much higher conversions at 21.8%. This suggests quirkier and more bespoke cards could sell better in this period than the regular household names, presenting an opportunity for players in the Print On Demand space. 
  3. Kids in school play a crucial role in driving Valentine's Day sales. With a historical trend of heightened interest in Valentine's Day products with kid and younger audience themes, sellers should prioritize stocking items tailored to these preferences. Moreover, strategically targeting kids in schools and classroom Valentine’s supplies presents a winning strategy, given the substantial interest observed within this sector. By catering to the needs of parents with kids in schools and educators, sellers can tap into a lucrative market segment and capitalize on the collective enthusiasm surrounding Valentine's Day celebrations in educational settings.

Valentine’s Day Search Trends

Bar chart of top 10 Searched Categories by Valentine’s Period

Throughout the analyzed weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, certain categories consistently attracted high user interest. "Toys" emerged as the top-searched category, reaching a peak of 3,734 search terms directed to toys on February 11, 2023. Additionally, "Cards" and "Home" maintained steady engagement levels. Other popular categories included "Kitchen," "Apparel," and "Chocolate." The data reflects a diverse range of Valentine's Day-related searches, from traditional items like cards to more tangible choices such as toys and home products. This suggests a widespread consumer interest in various aspects of Valentine's Day, encompassing both sentimental and practical gift options.

Pie chart of top 10 searched categories over 3-week Valentine period
Valentine's Day Trends by Period

Week of February 4, 2023:

As Valentine's Day approached during the week of February 4, 2023, our data revealed a surge in searches, with Toys taking the lead with 2,572 searches. This suggested a strong interest in playful and thoughtful gifts. Following closely were Office Products (1,586 searches) and Home (1,529 searches), indicating a diverse range of gift ideas being explored by consumers.

Week of February 11, 2023:

In the subsequent week of February 11, 2023, the trend continued with Toys maintaining its dominance, garnering 3,734 searches. Office Products (2,518 searches) and Home (1,664 searches) remained popular choices, signifying a sustained interest in a variety of gift options beyond traditional romantic items. The search landscape reflected a growing emphasis on finding unique and personalized presents.

Week of February 18, 2023:

As we delved into the final stretch leading up to Valentine's Day, the week of February 18, 2023, witnessed a continued interest in Toys (658 searches). Office Products (475 searches) and Home (449 searches) maintained their relevance. Notably, the emergence of the Gift Card category with 77 searches indicated a shift towards versatile and customizable gift options, allowing recipients to choose their preferred indulgences, and possibly also an indicator of late gift givers making late purchases for their significant others.

Top Selling Card Keywords

Network Chart of top 15 keywords in Valentine’s cards

The node and edge data from the network graph illustrate the relationships and frequencies between keywords, with a focus on graphical representations. The keyword "kids" emerges prominently, acting as a central hub with thick connecting lines to keywords like "school," "party," and "classroom." The visibly robust connection between "kids" and "school" indicates a strong association with educational settings. Similarly, "classroom" exhibits thick connections to "exchange," "party," and "gift," suggesting its significant role in Valentine's Day activities within school environments. The strong link (thick line) between "envelopes" and "stickers," indicating an interest in decorative elements is noteworthy. Furthermore, the connection (thick line) between "exchange" and "gifts'' implies a focus on gift exchanges during Valentine's Day. The graph visually emphasizes relationships, making it easier to interpret the dynamics and frequencies of Valentine's Day-related searches.

Table of top-converting keywords for Valentine’s cards

To enhance card sales, sellers should pay attention to specific keywords that exhibit high conversion and click shares. Notably, words like "bright" stand out with a 100% conversion share and 34.3% click share, suggesting a positive and attention-grabbing attribute. The term "turtle" follows closely with a 78.2% conversion share and 28.9% click share, indicating potential interest in cards featuring this motif. Additionally, keywords such as "buttons," "kc," and "kansas" (Likely a result of the Kansas City Chiefs making the Superbowl in 2023 and now in 2024, as well as having a main team color of red) share a conversion and click share of 71.4%, making them promising choices for card content. Sellers should consider incorporating words like "adventure" and popular kids’ shows such as "Octonauts", “I am Groot”, and “We Baby Bears” with an appeal to adventurous and imaginative themes. Understanding the significance of these top-performing keywords can guide sellers in crafting compelling card content that resonates with potential buyers.

Valentine’s Day Bundling Opportunities

Table of conversion and click rate differences between bundled and unbundled products

In the bustling world of e-commerce, sellers are presented with a unique chance to elevate their Valentine's Day sales by strategically bundling products. We identify 4 major opportunities for Valentine’s sellers based on the data above:

  1.  Valentine's Day Cards: Elevate Greetings with Bundled Joy

Conversion Share Delta: +3.44%

Click Share Delta: +3.98%

Sellers should craft unique and enticing bundled card packages that redefine Valentine's Day greetings. By combining diverse card styles, themes, and personalization options, offer customers a comprehensive and unforgettable approach to expressing love and affection. Sellers should also bundle kid-friendly cards for a younger audience.

  1. Valentine’s Apparel: Unleash Style with Coordinated Bundles

Conversion Share Delta: +0.56%

Click Share Delta: +1.32%

Curate fashionable bundles tailored for couples or individuals seeking coordinated outfits. Provide added value by combining complementary clothing items, encouraging customers to express their love through stylish, harmonious ensembles.

  1. Valentine’s Beauty Sets: Redefine Self-Care with Curated Elegance

Conversion Share Delta: +1.52%

Click Share Delta: +4.57%

Seize the opportunity to offer curated beauty sets that elevate customers' self-care routines. Combine popular beauty products into thoughtfully designed sets, providing a unique and luxurious gift option. Capitalize on the statistical boost to market these sets as the ultimate expression of love and indulgence.

  1. Valentine's Pet Products for Furry Friends: Tailor Bundles for Beloved Companions

Conversion Share Delta: +1.47%

Click Share Delta: +1.55%

Capture the hearts of pet lovers by creating bundles featuring a variety of essential or themed items for their beloved furry companions. Leverage the statistical boost to position these bundles as the perfect way to pamper pets and strengthen the bond between owners and their adorable companions.

Valentine’s Day Search & Conversion Trends

Valentine's Day, celebrated as a day of love and affection, brings forth a diverse array of products catering to the sentiments of the occasion. Analyzing the conversion trends within the Valentine's product landscape provides valuable insights for sellers looking to optimize their offerings and enhance customer engagement. Key observations from the data include:

Table of top-converting products in the “Toys” category

Toys Category Dominance:

The Toys category emerges as a standout, boasting products like CAKKA Valentine's Day Balloons Kit and LEGO Valentine Lovebirds, both achieving a remarkable 100% conversion share. With click shares ranging from 30.95% to 75%, there's a clear resonance and heightened interest in toy-related Valentine's Day items.

Table of top-converting products in the “Valentine’s Cards” category
Table of top-converting products in the “Kitchen” category

Valentines Day Cards and Kitchen High Performers:

Sellers can leverage high-performing products such as ‘Moretoes 52 Pack Valentine Gable Treat Boxes Cardboard Paper Goodie Boxes Party Supplies, Candy Treat Cookie Boxes’ and ‘AnyDesign 120 Pack Valentine's Day Treat Bags Rose Red White Paper Gift Bags Assorted Heart Prints Goodies Candy Buffet Bags Holiday Cookie Bag for Wedding Mother's Day Party Favor Supplies, 4 Design’ from the Kitchen category. These items showcase impressive conversion rates of 100%, with click shares reaching 19.3% and 21.21%, respectively, presenting lucrative opportunities.

Bundling Opportunities:

Valentine's Day provides a great chance for sellers to explore bundle options. In the Toys category, products like CAKKA Valentine's Day Balloons Kit and LEGO Valentine Lovebirds show outstanding performance with 100% conversion and click shares (30.95% to 75%). This dominance signals a strong interest in toy-related Valentine's items, creating a clear opportunity for appealing bundles. High-performing products in the Kitchen category, such as  ‘Moretoes 52 Pack Valentine Gable Treat Boxes Cardboard Paper Goodie Boxes Party Supplies, Candy Treat Cookie Boxes’ and ‘AnyDesign 120 Pack Valentine's Day Treat Bags Rose Red White Paper Gift Bags Assorted Heart Prints Goodies Candy Buffet Bags Holiday Cookie Bag for Wedding Mother's Day Party Favor Supplies, 4 Design’ , both with 100% conversion rates, suggest valuable bundling opportunities aligned with customer preferences. Sellers can strategically curate bundles in these top-performing categories to maximize visibility and cater to diverse customer interests.

Targeting Schools and Teachers:

A unique trend surfaces, suggesting that school and teacher themes can be a major target for Valentine's Day promotions. Products tailored for parents with kids in classrooms, such as Valentine's Day Cards for Kids and Hallmark Kids Minecraft Valentines Day Cards, showcase high conversion rates of 100%, indicating a potential market for parents with kids in educational settings.

In summary, sellers can strategically navigate the Valentine's Day landscape by capitalizing on category dominance, identifying high-performing products, exploring strategic marketing avenues, and considering bundling opportunities. Understanding these nuances allows sellers to curate compelling offerings that resonate with diverse consumer preferences during the season of love.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

As Valentine's Day approaches, sellers are presented with a dynamic landscape rich in opportunities and nuances. Contrary to conventional expectations, our insights reveal that kids are the predominant market, as evidenced by the Toys category consistently dominating search trends. Sellers should strategically tailor their offerings to align with this prominent demographic, curating kid-friendly bundles and themed products.

In the realm of pricing, consumers on Amazon are actively seeking value, with top-converting products consistently falling below the $50 mark. To maximize advertising efforts, sellers are advised to allocate budgets towards promoting lower-priced products, tapping into the demand for affordable yet meaningful Valentine's Day gifts.

One-stop solutions emerge as a key theme, emphasizing the significance of bundling. Sellers can capitalize on this trend by creating comprehensive bundles that cater to diverse consumer interests. The high conversion rates observed in the Toys and Kitchen categories present prime opportunities for bundling, allowing sellers to enhance product visibility and capture a broad audience.

Our observations challenge some conventional popular beliefs, notably the lower than anticipated searches of chocolate in the top-searched items. This underscores the importance of data-driven insights in shaping effective marketing strategies. While chocolate remains a classic choice, sellers should diversify their offerings to align with evolving consumer preferences.

In conclusion, a successful Valentine's Day strategy involves a nuanced understanding of search and conversion trends, strategic pricing, and a focus on bundling solutions. Sellers who navigate this landscape with flexibility and creativity stand poised to capture the hearts of diverse consumer segments during this season of love.


The methodology employed in our analysis of Valentine's Day trends for 2024 encompassed a multifaceted approach aimed at providing comprehensive insights for sellers navigating the e-commerce landscape during this romantic season. Leveraging Amazon search trends from the lead-up to Valentine’s Day 2023, our methodology focused on three main pillars: examining evolving search patterns, identifying strategic bundling opportunities, and analyzing conversion trends within specific product categories. By dissecting these facets, we aimed to offer sellers a holistic understanding of consumer behavior, empowering them to tailor their offerings effectively. Our commitment at Threecolts to empowering partners with actionable insights underscores our dedication to facilitating informed decision-making in the competitive e-commerce marketplace.


conversion rate of valentines cards by brand useful for marketplace sellers

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