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Common Questions Answered - Tactical Arbitrage: How can I bring mismatches down?

Kennedell Amoo-Gottfried
August 24, 2022
September 16, 2022
Common Questions Answered - Tactical Arbitrage: How can I bring mismatches down?

Tactical Arbitrage is equipped with the resources to continually release new features to enhance user searches. Having this ever-growing list of new sites to scrape through, however, has some users asking if it invites additional instances of mismatches, which can be an annoying bug in the search for deals.

We do as much as we can to filter out known issues, but Amazon’s own data gets messy and inconsistent, thereby producing suboptimal results and mismatches.

The good news is that mismatches can be streamlined dramatically with minimal effort to save you time and make your searches more efficient, ultimately even working in your favor.

Proactivity will give you a mismatch edge

A mismatch can be any result that differs from what you were searching for. This can mean getting different products than what you put in your search, or it could be a different quantity from what you were looking for. 

Were you looking for boxes of oats but it came back with sachet packs? That’s a mismatch. Were you looking for a two-pack of shampoo but they came back as a four-pack? That’s a mismatch, too. 

Every now and then, scouring through hundreds of sites to try and find one of hundreds of thousands of products can bring back results different from the ones you were looking for. 

What users can sometimes find frustrating is coming across the same mismatches multiple times, but if you mark them as mismatches they won’t pop up again. 

Many sellers who get mismatches back are unlikely to spend the few seconds it takes marking them as mismatches - these sellers are missing a trick.

An item marked as a mismatch will not pop up again. By marking them, you’re making your results more efficient and accurate than those of users who don’t. 

Even better, you can update the actual ASIN itself to make sure you do find the correct result each time. TA lets you search for the right ASIN on Amazon and update it on TA to correct that mismatch.

Here’s where you can turn this to your advantage: the tweaks and updates you make to your system are account specific and individualized. The time you put in will not only make your arbitrage more efficient, but it will only benefit you, and make your searches more specific in a way that won’t be benefiting potential competitors that are also using TA. 

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