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How to Recruit Amazon Affiliates [Ebook]

Emma Ritson
April 12, 2023
February 26, 2024
Affiliates and a laptop with an affiliate marketing program

Amazon Sellers—are you looking for new ways to expand your marketing efforts and boost your revenue? We’ve partnered with Levanta to bring you our latest e-book, How to Recruit Amazon Affiliates. It’s loaded with valuable insights to help you tap into the power of affiliate marketing so you can rapidly increase your sales.  

Affiliate marketing is a proven growth strategy with over 80 percent of direct-to-consumer  brands leveraging it to increase their success. Attracting affiliates to your Amazon storefront, however, can be a challenge. That’s where Levan comes in. Levanta’s Amazon Affiliate Marketing Platform is built to help you take advantage of this lucrative marketing channel and thrive.

Our ebook will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate recruitment, including how to set up both inbound and outbound affiliate acquisition strategies and various other details that make a difference to your profits.

You’ll learn valuable tips for recruiting social creators, influencers, bloggers, large publications, traditional affiliates, and media buyers, as well as best practices for reaching out to potential affiliates and nurturing relationships. Additionally, we’ll provide you with some strategies for activating and retaining revenue-active affiliates.

So how can you ensure that your products stand out to potential affiliates during the evaluation process?  

Enter FeedbackWhiz by Threecolts, our powerful feedback and review management tool that helps you maintain a positive reputation on Amazon. How does FeedbackWhiz do this? By monitoring product reviews and feedback, sending automated review requests, and providing real-time alerts for negative feedback, amongst other things. It helped Elenco and thousands of other businesses improve their seller ratings and thrive.

Essentially FeedbackWhiz ensures that your products have positive reviews, so that when affiliates are evaluating whether or not to promote your products, they will be more likely to go with your products rather than your competitors.

Whether you're an experienced Amazon Seller or just starting out, our ebook is designed to help you recruit partners and achieve quick wins in your affiliate marketing channel. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way to drive traffic and sales to your Amazon storefront, and our ebook provides you with the tools and strategies you need to build a successful affiliate program.

To download your free copy, fill out the form on Levanta’s website. The sky’s the limit!

Happy selling.