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How to register your brand on Amazon and what are the benefits

Kennedell Amoo-Gottfried
May 24, 2022
September 16, 2022
How to register your brand on Amazon and what are the benefits

Any business will understand the importance of intellectual property. That’s what the Amazon Brand Registry exists to protect. 

The Brand Registry is designed to help brand owners be recognized as brands with proprietary products, and opens up a whole world of marketing and display options that can supercharge a business. 

Businesses that create their own products - as opposed to those that sell other companies’ merchandise - and have registered trademarks can adhere through a straightforward process into the registry, thereby benefiting from the ability to differentiate from imitation products, add and manage branded products, make sure that the information listed about its products are correct, and market them the way they see fit.

In short, it is a way for companies to take direct control over their business on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Sellers authorized by the brand owner can also be registered on their behalf. 

How can my brand get registered?

The first thing you need to register your brand on Amazon is to create a registry account. You can do this by going through the Brand Registry portal in Seller Central. Once there you will have to: 

  • Input legal or corporate information, validate your identity via text message, accept the terms and conditions and click save

The next step will be to enroll the brand, during which you will be asked to:

  • Detail the eligibility of your brand, inputting your brand name, the number of brand names you are enrolling and telling about the logo. Click next.
  •  Next you will put in details of your intellectual property - your trademark type, trademark name, registration number and offices. Click next.
  •  Identification details - the brand logo, packaging imagery, details about your online presence - such as on social media platforms and your website. Click next.
  •  Finally, you will be giving information on your brand characteristics that go further into detail about the brand, with information specifying seller and vendor account details, manufacturing and licensing details, countries where products are manufacturers, whether products have EANs, GTINs, UPCs and EANs, distribution countries and so on. 

Once all these are filled out, you can select Submit Application. 

Amazon will take some time to validate all the information, could be anywhere between 2 days and almost two weeks to process. Once the brand registry is activated, Amazon will send a corresponding code to the registered trademark office, which then needs to be sent back to the seller to be imputed into Seller Central.

Once registry is successful, you will see a unique identifier on your product and get access to enhanced brand content and other benefits such as...

What are the benefits of being a registered brand? 

  • Control

          You get to have complete control over how your products are listed. You have an overview over all the creative - visuals and text - and how a product is presented.           You don’t have to worry some random vendor may be damaging your brand or missing out on sales by doing a sub-par job. 

          You can also protect your brand from IP infringement and search ASINs in bulk in order to find and report any potential infringement faster.

          One of the most common concerns sellers can have if they are not registered is product hijacking. This is when another merchant - of which there will be           thousands on the largest commerce platform in the world - can take your product idea and run with it themselves, or if black-hat actors claim they have patents           they don’t actually have and try to register your products as their own. Through the Brand Registry, not only would you have exclusive ownership of the buy-box for           your product, but you will also be able to contact Amazon seller support to have copycat products taken off the market. 

  • Advertising

          As a brand, you get to have access to advertising and display avenues such as Sponsored Brands ads - instead of just Sponsored Products - you can have your           Amazon Store fitted out with A+ content and more. You can make your brand look professional, engage your customers much better and drive significantly higher           sales.

  • Listing products

          Being registered makes it much easier to list your products and make different variations between them under the same brand umbrella. 

          You will also have larger control over who is actually able to modify your products' listings.

  • Analytics

          As a registered brand, you will have better visibility into your brand analytics, which in turn helps you better understand your customer - demographics, behaviour           and tendencies - and make adjustments to your PPC campaigns and your wider strategy in order to get them converting more sales.

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