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Winning listings- Projectors

Kennedell Amoo-Gottfried
August 30, 2022
September 8, 2022
Winning listings- Projectors

Bullets and Titles:

If you’re looking through listings in the “Video Projector” category on Amazon, there’s one feature in particular that pops up prominently in most of the top listings - lumens, which measures the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. Simply put, sellers  find it very important to list how brightly the projector shines. Out of the top 10 sellers, six listed the lumen count in their title or their bullet points, such as in the examples below:

Project titles
Source: Amazon

Projector bullets
Source: Amazon

Top 10 Sellers:

top 10 sellers

The bullet points for the top 10 listings tend to be on the longer side - with an average character count of around 350 - but with an informal tone. However, bullet points should be short and sweet, to the point, and without putting in unnecessary information. Seller "B076Q3GBJK" does it right - putting in the relevant details about the technical specs including viewing size, smart capabilities, and audio system without overloading what should be easy-to-read bullets. Seller “B08B8DKYPS”, on the other hand, took a longer approach: 

B08B8DKYPS (highest average character count bullets):

highest average character count bullets
Source: Amazon

B076Q3GBJK(lowest average character count bullets):

lowest average character count bullets
Source: Amazon


The main function of images is to show shoppers what your products look like - but they can do far more than that. This is particularly true for more complex products like projectors, whose technical specs become principal selling points - infographics can be a highly effective way of explaining a product’s benefits to users, as can lifestyle images that show how they can fit into a buyer’s everyday life.
Nine out of the top 10 sellers use infographics to show features like viewing size, connectivity, output quality, and compatibility with other devices, while two out of 10 also mention the projector’s lamp life. Images are also very effective when they move - eight out of the top 10 also used videos demonstrating product features. 

Example for Images:

Viewing Distance:

Viewing Distance1
Source: Amazon
Viewing Distance2
Source: Amazon


Source: Amazon


Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon


Source: Amazon

Lamp life:

lamp life 1
Source: Amazon
lamp life2
Source: Amazon