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Unlocking the Benefits: Your Ultimate Walmart Plus Guide for 2024

Geri Mileva
May 13, 2024
May 13, 2024
Unlocking the Benefits: Your Ultimate Walmart Plus Guide for 2024

For ten years straight, Walmart has been the king of the Fortune 500 list. It’s a go-to spot for shoppers who love a good deal, and its online platform has taken off in the past five years, giving even Amazon a run for its money. It's no surprise, with its long-standing reputation and outstanding services like Walmart Plus.

What Is Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus is a subscription service that merges in-store and online advantages. Subscribing can slash your shopping time and expenses. Introduced in 2020, Walmart's membership program competes with services like Amazon Prime and My Best Buy. For a yearly or monthly fee, it offers exclusive discounts, free online deliveries, and early access to specials. In addition, handy features like mobile scanning and quicker in-store checkout sweeten the deal even more.

How Much is Walmart Plus?

  • Annual fee: $98, comes out at only $8.16 per month
  • Monthly fee: $12.95
  • Free trial available for 30 days

Once you sign up, you'll get an email confirming your trial period, selected plan, and renewal details. After the trial, you will be charged automatically. You can switch from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription whenever you want, but not the other way around. 

To switch:

  1. Sign into your Walmart account.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Click on Walmart+.
  4. Choose Manage Membership.
  5. Select Upgrade to Annual.

Certain credit cards offer perks when subscribing to Walmart Plus membership. Amex Platinum, for instance, can cover the cost of the monthly plan up to a specific limit.

What Are the Benefits of Walmart Plus?

Let's dive into the benefits of being a Walmart Plus member and why it could be well worth your money.

Free Delivery From Your Local Store

Walmart Plus provides free unlimited deliveries of groceries and other items from Walmart stores at in-store prices. You don't have to pay the usual $7.95 to $9.95 delivery fee if the total items exceed $35. Otherwise, you pay a minimum fee of $6.99, depending on your location.

To access same-day delivery items, choose "delivery" before shopping. The alternative options are "shipping" and "pick up". If an item lacks a "delivery" label, it's likely ineligible for same-day delivery and must be shipped. 

Delivery times vary between stores, starting at 7 AM and ending at 8 PM. When selecting same-day delivery, choose a specific hourly timeframe to ensure someone is home to receive perishable items promptly.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose a delivery time slot.
  2. Add items to your cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout.

You can use the in-store or "need it fast" filters and select today to see what items are available for pickup or delivery.

Free Shipping from Purchases

With Walmart Plus, you get free shipping on all purchases, no matter the price or quantity. There's no minimum or maximum order requirement. As a member, you can also enjoy free next-day and two-day shipping.

Eligible items are labeled as 'shipped by Walmart,' while oversized and freight items are ineligible. Products from third-party sellers are also excluded from this perk. 

Free Returns from Home

You can return items to Walmart without paying a fee straight from your home. You can print a label from and ship it back, or Walmart can send someone to pick it up for free. The caveat is that you must be home when they come to provide the return barcode for scanning, and you have 90 days from delivery to return items. 

Items that are not eligible for pickup from a member's home include those weighing over 15 lbs., with any edge longer than 36 inches, marketplace items, alcoholic beverages, prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, beauty devices, pet products and supplies, cosmetics, and skincare, toys, and food items.

Fuel Discounts

Walmart Plus members can get special fuel discounts. You can enjoy 10¢ off per gallon at Exxon and Mobil stations. Select Walmart and Murphy gas stations can also give you up to 10¢ off, and you get member-exclusive prices at Sam's Club fuel centers. These discounts apply to all types of fuel. 

For Walmart or Sam's Club Fuel Station:

  1. Open your Walmart app and select "Get Pumping" or open Walmart Pay.
  2. Scan the QR code on the pump screen.
  3. Choose your payment method from your Walmart wallet.
  4. Select your fuel grade and start pumping.

For Murphy USA and Murphy Express Fuel Stations:

  1. Open your Walmart app at a participating Murphy station.
  2. Locate your six-digit discount ID on your phone. If you don't see the code, select "Services" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select "Member Prices on Fuel" to find the six-digit number.
  4. Select "Walmart+" on the pump and enter the code.

For Exxon and Mobile Fuel Stations:

  1. Open your Walmart app.
  2. When prompted, confirm you're ready to fuel.
  3. Enter your fuel pump number.
  4. Scan the QR code on the pump screen.
  5. Choose your fuel grade and start fueling.

Paramount+ Perks

Walmart Plus teamed up with Paramount+ to provide streaming services. Members can access the Paramount+ Essential plan, which includes 40,000+TV episodes, movies, live sports, and on-demand content. If you want broader entertainment options, upgrade to the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan for an extra fee. 

Once your Paramount+ account is set up via your Walmart+ account hub, you can begin streaming through Paramount+ web or by downloading the app. 

Paramount plus perks with Walmart plus

Walmart Plus also gives members access to certain ad-free content on Pluto TV, which may change monthly. To activate this benefit, members need to visit their account page, click on the Pluto TV benefit, and follow the steps there to link their account.

Travel Privileges

To enjoy Walmart Plus's travel privileges, book your trip via Powered by Expedia, members can earn Walmart Cash, Walmart’s in-store credit. You can get 5% cash back on hotel reservations, car rentals, and other travel activities. You're also rewarded with 2% back on airfare. When purchasing a holiday package, you'll receive a blended rate of Walmart Cash.

Your Walmart Cash will appear as "pending" in your account until your travel is completed. After your trip or reservation, the final amount of Walmart Cash earned will be reflected in your account within 30 days. On the other hand, if you cancel or modify your reservations, the corresponding Walmart Cash will be adjusted in your "pending" balance within 24-48 hours.

Auto Care

You can get free flat tire repair and a free road hazard warranty. This benefit is limited to tires that were purchased and installed at Walmart Auto Centers. It applies to tires installed on passenger cars, light trucks, minivans, small RVs, and crossovers. If you get a flat tire or need a warranty, go to participating Walmart Auto Care Centers and have a certified technician verify your membership. No appointment is required. 

Without a membership, fixing a flat tire at Walmart costs $15 per tire, and the warranty is $10 per tire.

Early and Exclusive Access

One standout perk is the exclusive member prices and early access to products and deals, including Walmart Black Friday. This lets members shop before the crowds get in and grab fantastic deals. It's an excellent opportunity to access the best discounts, offers, and the latest products before everyone else. You'll receive an email notification for early and exclusive access. 

Mobile Scan & Go

Mobile Scan & Go is a special feature for Walmart Plus members. With it, you can shop and pay using your phone while you're in the store. It's faster and safer because you don't have to wait in line, and what’s more, you can keep track of your shopping lists and budget as you go, helping you avoid overspending. To use this feature, ensure your Walmart app has location access enabled. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Open the Walmart app in-store.
  2. Choose "Start shopping."
  3. Scan an item's barcode as you put it in your cart.
  4. Adjust the quantity in the app.
  5. When done, tap Review & Pay.
  6. Go to self-checkout and scan the screen's QR code. This provides your receipt and allows an associate to check your ID for age-restricted items like alcohol.
  7. Pick your payment method from your Walmart wallet.

What are the Unique Advantages of Walmart Plus?

Aside from the abovementioned benefits, Walmart Plus members can enjoy the following unique advantages. 

Limited Time Offers

With your Walmart Plus membership, you can access limited-time offers (LTOs) that save you money on different services. LTOs include discounts, promotions, deals, and samples on select products or services from Walmart or third parties. Currently, you can enjoy:

  • Up to five free months of Apple Music
  • Up to four free months of Apple Fitness+
  • A YouTube Premium trial for three months
  • Two free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Four free months of Calm Premium
  • Save 30% on your next home project with Angi
What are the Unique Advantages of Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus Assist

Walmart Plus Assist allows eligible customers to join the membership program at a reduced rate of $6.47 per month or $49 per year. The program is open to those who qualify for government assistance and can provide the required documents.

SheerID, a third-party service provider, handles eligibility verification. You'll be directed to the SheerID website during enrollment to complete an eligibility verification form. If your initial verification fails, you may need to upload specific documents as requested by SheerID.

Once verified, your status is valid for one year from the start of your paid Walmart Plus Assist membership. Walmart Plus will automatically verify your eligibility annually. Eligible programs include Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, "Food Stamps," Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and more. Check the Walmart Plus Assist page for a detailed list or contact a Walmart customer service

Walmart Plus Student

Walmart Plus Student lets you join Walmart Plus for a lesser fee. To qualify, you must be 18 years or older, currently enrolled in an undergraduate or advanced degree program at a Title IV-accredited college or university in the US, and reside in the United States. Members get all the Walmart Plus perks for $6.47 a month or $49 a year and go through the same verification process as Walmart Plus Assist.

Pause Membership

Walmart Plus members can pause their membership for one month at a time, up to three times a year. You can pause anytime in your billing cycle, with the pause taking effect at the end. Once you activate the pause, you won't be charged and won't have access to membership benefits. 

Only paid annual and monthly members on the base plan can pause. Eventually, this may extend to trial plans and plus-ups. Members can't earn rewards or benefits on purchases during the pause but can use existing rewards. If they've redeemed an LTO, they can still access it during the pause. However, to access new LTOs, they’ll have to resume their membership first.

Also, if you have an active Plus Up, you can't pause your membership.

To pause:

  1. Sign into your Walmart account.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Click on Walmart+.
  4. Choose Manage Membership.
  5. Select Pause Membership.

Plus Up

Sometimes, Walmart Plus offers extra benefits called "Plus Up Benefits." These require a separate subscription, either monthly or annually. You must keep a Walmart Plus membership in good standing to get any of these benefits. Each Plus Up Benefit has its fee, which might be billed with or separately from your primary Walmart membership. 

The current Plus Up benefit is Walmart Plus InHome, an upgraded delivery service where reliable Walmart associates take care of your entire order process.

How To Become a Walmart Plus Member?

To sign up for Walmart Plus and enjoy its many benefits, follow these steps:

  • Go to Walmart+: Go to and sign in with your existing Walmart account. Alternatively, click the "Start your free 30-day trial" button. 
  • Check if you qualify: Provide your name, phone number, and a valid shipping address with the zip code. Walmart will assess the available benefits in your area. If free unlimited delivery isn't available yet, you can try again later, especially if you want to use the 30-day trial.
  • Enter your information: Fill in your first and last name, a valid email, and a password. If you're new to Walmart, you can create an account at this step.
  • Start your trial: Once logged in, start your 30-day free trial. You'll need to provide payment information using a credit or debit card. If you cancel before the trial ends, you won't be charged, but you'll lose access to Walmart Plus benefits immediately.
  • Start shopping: Enjoy the perks of your Walmart Plus membership. 

How Does Walmart Plus Differ from Amazon Prime?

Amazon and Walmart are two of the most popular retailers with premier membership services to help consumers save time and money. Here's a quick comparison of Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus:

Difference between WALMART PLUS and AMAZON PRIME


Free Trial Period Yes, for 30 days Yes, for 30 days
Monthly Cost $12.95 $14.99
Yearly Cost $98 $139
Focus Prioritizes grocery deliveries and in-store convenience Prioritizes online shopping and entertainment
Delivery Free delivery; $35 minimum Free delivery, order minimum varies
Streaming Services Prime Video and Music Paramount+ Essential Plan
Fuel Discounts Yes No
Clothing Perks No Yes
Scan to Pay In-store Yes, Mobile Scan and Go Yes, Pay on Delivery
Sales Event Early Black Friday Access Prime Day and Prime Early Access
Made with HTML Tables

Choosing between Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus depends on which store you prefer. If you shop a lot at Amazon, Prime offers fast shipping, discounts, and streaming. But if you prefer Walmart, Walmart Plus gets your packages to you quickly and cheaply, saves you fees on gas, and includes special bonuses like assistance.

Do Walmart Sellers Benefit from Walmart Plus?

Walmart sellers face a lot of challenges. In terms of Walmart Plus, your products must be shipped by Walmart. You won't get a Walmart Plus badge (W+) otherwise. 

To add the W+ badge to your products, use Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). Since WFS ships your products, you can easily add the W+ badge to your Walmart listings. Additionally, if you're a drop-ship vendor (DSV) on Walmart, your products will get the Ship with Walmart badge.

Walmart sellers can benefit from Walmart Plus in various ways:

  • Increased Sales Potential: With more Walmart Plus members shopping online, sellers have a chance to boost sales.
  • Access to Exclusive Programs: Sellers can join exclusive programs and promotions for Walmart Plus members, reaching a more engaged audience.
  • Faster Delivery Options: Free delivery on orders over $35 from Walmart Plus may attract customers seeking quick delivery, making sellers' products more appealing.
  • Potential for Higher Conversion Rates: Convenience features like free delivery can lead to more purchases, as customers may prefer shopping at Walmart.
  • Early Access to Sales Events: Walmart Plus members get early access to sales on Black Friday and holidays, allowing sellers to boost early sales and stay ahead of competitors.

Does Walmart Plus Offer Good Value?

Determining the worth of Walmart Plus relies on your shopping habits and preferences. It typically offers good value if you frequently shop at Walmart and enjoy the mentioned benefits. To assess its value:

  • Calculate your potential savings.
  • Evaluate your shopping habits.
  • Compare with alternatives.

Final Thoughts on Walmart Plus

Whether you're a regular Walmart customer or are trying it out for the first time, Walmart Plus provides excellent value. With its wide array of benefits and competitive prices, Walmart Plus can help you save time and money. 

For Walmart sellers, Walmart Plus presents excellent opportunities through WFS and DSV. To further boost conversions on the Walmart marketplace, sellers should leverage Walmart integrations. Threecolts, a multi-solution platform for marketplace sellers and retail vendors, provides solutions and services for Walmart, Amazon, and beyond. Contact us to learn more.

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