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Walmart Marketplace Tools: Solutions for Sellers & Vendors

Justin Golschneider
March 4, 2024
May 7, 2024
Threecolts + Walmart

Threecolts is the ultimate software suite for marketplace sellers. And with Walmart Marketplace becoming the #2 marketplace in North America, no ecommerce toolset is complete without Walmart support. We're proud to announce a suite of new Walmart seller software, vendor solutions and tool integrations.

Walmart Product Search - DataSpark

DataSpark's Threecolts landing page

DataSpark is the first Threecolts solution built specifically for Walmart marketplace sellers.

Whether you need to research products, optimize listings, or monitor competitors, DataSpark does it all. It even covers multiple business models, with tools for every scenario from wholesale sourcing to arbitrage.

To make it even easier to find profitable, low-competition products to sell on Walmart, DataSpark has just launched the beta of a new feature: Product Search.

Existing DataSpark solutions help you determine if specific products meet your criteria. For example, DataSpark’s Barcode Scanner helps you check products in stores to determine if you could resell them for a profit on Walmart.

Product Search works the other way around. You enter your criteria, then DataSpark finds the products that meet your requirements. (Request access through the form on the DataSpark homepage if you’re ready to find new products faster than ever!)

DataSpark is the best set of Walmart seller tools available. If you haven’t given it a try yet, choose a plan here.

Walmart Data Integration - Tactical Arbitrage + DataSpark

Tactical Arbitrage homepage March 2024

Tactical Arbitrage is the ultimate solution for Amazon FBA arbitrage. Pulling data from more than 1,200 websites, it identifies low-priced items across the web that are selling for higher prices on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage has long helped Amazon sellers source profitable products from Walmart Marketplace. But with so many websites to juggle, there was a limit to how much time they could spend on perfecting their Walmart database. Meanwhile, the DataSpark team was focusing all its efforts on Walmart.

With both teams now under the Threecolts roof, there’s no need for Tactical Arbitrage to build its own separate integration. We’ve integrated it directly with DataSpark, drawing DataSpark’s exhaustive, constantly updated database of over 14 million Walmart products into Tactical Arbitrage. This gives Tactical Arbitrage users more and better recommendations than ever before on Walmart products to sell on Amazon.

Start finding profitable products now with a seven-day free trial of Tactical Arbitrage.

Walmart Vendor Reimbursements - Dimetyd

Illustration of the business impact of Dimetyd

Dimetyd has helped Amazon 1P vendors recover over $136 million in Amazon overbillings and deductions. To drive even greater results, the Dimetyd team has launched a Walmart vendor recoveries operation.

The first Walmart recoveries service is already available: shortage recoveries. Any business that acts as a supplier to Walmart can leverage DimeTyd to reclaim their lost profits. This goes even for businesses that solely supply Walmart brick-and-mortar stores.

The way shortage recoveries works is straightforward. If you ship a number of items to Walmart—say, a pallet of 90 items—and Walmart claims they only received 80, they’ll only pay you for those 80 items. When this happens, Dimetyd steps in on your behalf, fighting to get you paid for everything you sent.

Whether you’re a vendor for Walmart or Amazon, Dimetyd's powerful solution can help you get the money you’re owed. Book a demo here.

Walmart Bookkeeping - FW Profit Analytics

FW Profit Analytics landing page on Threecolts

FeedbackWhiz’s FW Profit Analytics was built to take the tedium out of Amazon bookkeeping. Tying directly into your Amazon account and automatically tracking details like sales, taxes, and fees, it also supports custom expense tracking to help you account for every cost you encounter.

But why should Amazon sellers get all the fun toys? As FeedbackWhiz’s first-ever integration with Walmart, FW Profit Analytics now supports Walmart accounting right alongside Amazon.

In FeedbackWhiz, Walmart sellers can now get instant overviews of all their numbers on the Profits dashboard. This includes breakdowns of WFS vs. seller-fulfilled sales, Walmart fees, taxes, refunds and more. Plus, they can track details like sales, costs, and profits per item.  

Whether you sell on Walmart, Amazon, or both at the same time, FW Profit Analytics can save you time and help you make better business decisions. Try it free for 30 days here!

Walmart Product Reviews - FW Alerts

Like FW Profit Analytics, FeedbackWhiz’s FW Alerts was originally built for Amazon. With alerts for everything from bad reviews to listing hijackings, this powerful brand management tool is a seller’s best defense against the unexpected. 

Now Walmart sellers can start benefitting from the same real-time intel. FW Alerts has just added support for Walmart product review notifications. Choose to get notified of any review at all, only positive, neutral, or negative reviews, or only reviews within a specific range of star ratings.

FeedbackWhiz FW Alerts Walmart product review notification settings

Start your free 30-day trial here and never miss another important review.

Walmart Customer Loyalty Data - ChannelReply

ChannelReply's homepage in March 2024 featuring Onsite Support

ChannelReply’s Walmart integration has been helping sellers provide better customer service since 2019. As an add-on for eight leading helpdesks (including our own Onsite Support, where it's included free), ChannelReply enables support agents to view e-commerce order details right next to support requests. This saves countless hours of digging for orders and switching from screen to screen.

But ChannelReply does more than just display data. Its custom fields allow you to use order details in tools like Onsite’s triggers and canned responses. For example, you can create a canned response that will automatically populate details like which item the customer ordered on Walmart, the status of their order, the carrier delivering the package, and their tracking ID.

To continue to make the lives of Walmart sellers easier, the ChannelReply team has just added support for three new custom fields:

  1. Lifetime Total Orders Value
  2. Total Number of Orders
  3. Customer Since

These three fields already work for Walmart and Shopify, with support for other channels planned for future updates. You can use these for all kinds of advanced workflows, including sorting open tickets by customer lifetime value to prioritize your most loyal shoppers.

Start a free 14-day trial of ChannelReply here. Or, if you already have ChannelReply, learn how to use custom fields.

Walmart Product Research & Sourcing - SellerRunning

SellerRunning's Threecolts landing page in March 2024

Cross-border Amazon arbitrage sounds like an intimidating business model. But SellerRunning, our Amazon-compliant dropshipping solution, makes it easy even for beginner sellers.

SellerRunning has always been a purely Amazon-to-Amazon arbitrage solution. You could purchase products from the enormous selection on Amazon US and sell them at a profit on 16 other Amazon marketplaces. For example, products that are easy to find on Amazon US sometimes sell for twice the price on Amazon Canada.

Now, SellerRunning has added Walmart to its sourcing options. When you find a product you want to buy from Amazon US, you’ll get a chance to see the same item on Walmart US if it’s available there. You can then choose to source from whichever one gives you the best price or the fastest shipping.

This also makes dropshipping a more secure bet than ever before. In the rare instance that a product goes out of stock on Amazon US and a customer orders it from you before either you or SellerRunning’s automated systems can mark your listing as out of stock, Walmart can save the day. You can easily place the order with Walmart instead of Amazon to stay on track and avoid an order defect.

Try SellerRunning for free and discover how easy it can be to launch your own international business!

Walmart Marketplace Listings - ExportYourStore

Illustration of ExportYourStore's Walmart integration

ExportYourStore makes it incredibly easy to duplicate your success across marketplaces. For example, if you have a successful Shopify store, you can cross-list all your products over to eBay, Etsy and more. ExportYourStore will help you rapidly optimize for each channel’s listing formats, rules, and best practices.

If all our talk about Walmart has gotten you interested in expanding onto Walmart Marketplace, you’re in luck. ExportYourStore’s Walmart integration allows you to export your listings from Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Poshmark, or WooCommerce to Walmart. While the integration is still in beta, all you have to do to get access is contact the ExportYourStore team.

ExportYourStore does way more than replicate your listings. It also handles the tough jobs of multichannel selling, like keeping stock levels up to date across all your stores. If you’re ready to go multichannel, start your free trial here.

Walmart Inventory Sync - Hemi

Hemi's homepage in March 2024

One of our recent acquisitions is Hemi, an omnichannel inventory and stock management solution covering over 80 e-commerce selling channels. Among those channels are, of course, Walmart and Amazon.

For the time being, Hemi is available to an exclusive group of customers, among them such household names as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and River Island. But that exclusivity is about to change.

This May, Hemi will be made available to the general public. Join the Hemi waitlist to get notified as soon as the doors open!

More Walmart Seller, Vendor & Retail Software Coming Soon

From keyword research to catalog management, the Threecolts team is hard at work developing new Walmart tools, features and integrations. Give your business the competitive edge of our leading marketplace solutions. 

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Small group workshops to help you learn, optimize, and grow.