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  • Have Amazon overbilling and shortage claims handled by an expert dispute management team.
  • Automate core financial operations like itemized shortage disputes, invoicing, and cash application.
  • Forecast Amazon’s demand for the next 10–26 weeks.
  • Identify ASIN profitability so you can prepare the required stock levels per SKU.
  • See year-over-year insights.
  • Reclaim profits for items shipped but not acknowledged by Walmart.
  • Group all the deductions you received in Walmart-specific buckets.
  • View a summary of the amount you can potentially recoup.
  • See all disputes that have been filed whether they are awaiting vendor action, approved, or denied in the Dispute Console.
  • Use the Financial Scorecard to see how disputes and deductions affected your revenue for the year.
  • Gain the combined strengths of SellerBench, RefundSniper, and SellerLocker in one recovery solution.
  • Monitor shortages, ghost inventory, Amazon fees, and lost/damaged products.
  • Reconcile inventory levels and dispute Amazon overcharges on FBA fees.
  • Pay nothing upfront—you’ll only receive an invoice for a fraction of what we recover for you.
  • Stay informed about all your pending, completed, or rejected claims with case-level reporting.



For businesses with up to $10M in annual sales
For businesses with over $10M in annual sales
Daily data updates
Software-assigned human research
Maximum recovery
Personal case manager
Full-time support
White-glove support
10% to 25% of each successful reimbursement*
Volume-based pricing

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