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Your Guide to the Best Amazon FBA Courses in 2024

Geri Mileva
February 1, 2024
February 7, 2024
amazon seller university

86% of Amazon sellers prefer FBA over other fulfillment methods like FBM and multi-channel fulfillment, making it Amazon’s most popular order fulfillment method.

However, Amazon FBA is prone to periodic changes. Factors such as Amazon’s regular updates on its policies and emerging FBA trends—brought about by new technologies and changing consumer behaviors—can keep sellers from entering this market or finding new ways to scale their business. 

What does it take for someone to get started with FBA? How can interested individuals become effective sellers on Amazon? 

Enrolling in Amazon FBA courses allows you to uncover benefits, such as getting access to expert guidance and insights, eliminating barriers to development, and being able to spot new growth opportunities for your business.

What Are Amazon FBA Courses?

Amazon FBA courses involve a mix of learning resources, like videos, workshops, strategies, and tips. 

Through these courses, learners can get a solid Amazon FBA foundation, as well as uncover new methods and strategies for growth. Some of the topics covered by these courses include how to start a private label Amazon FBA business, product research, retail arbitrage, and more. Many reputable and favorably-reviewed courses are provided by Amazon experts and sellers who have been successful in their own ventures on Amazon.

Are Amazon FBA Courses Right for Me?

Amazon FBA courses give you access to structured and intensive lessons on all things Amazon. But how can you tell if enrolling in an Amazon FBA course is right for you? 

Let’s look at this question from different perspectives. If you’re:

  • Someone who appreciates comprehensive guidance from experts in the field 
  • Looking to explore new strategies and techniques for growing your Amazon FBA business 
  • Eager to have a solid foundation and not make costly mistakes
  • Finding new ways to eliminate the steep learning curve

Then, yes, enrolling in Amazon FBA courses may be the right course of action. 

Despite their benefits, Amazon FBA courses still have their fair share of drawbacks. 

  • They can come with steep upfront costs or monthly subscription fees. If you have a limited budget, then paid courses might not be the best option. Alternatively, you can check out tons of free resources online.
  • These courses can vary in terms of quality, how they apply the modules, and the qualifications of the teachers. It’s best to carefully screen the teachers and their course offerings. Do a background check. Look at their website and see if they can provide evidence for their claims. Read case studies or reviews from students.

Are Amazon FBA Courses Actually Worth It?

If you opt for reliable courses, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Otherwise, you may end up feeling that you’ve been had. Keep in mind that not all Amazon courses are actually good. To ensure that they’re worth your time and money, an Amazon course should:

  • Be taught by experienced instructors
  • Have a solid track record of results
  • Come with comprehensive and high-quality modules, which are regularly updated
  • Provide adequate support for learners
  • Offer pricing models that provide you with the best value
  • Have a curriculum that’s appropriate for the business model you plan to use

5 of the Best Amazon FBA Courses for 2024

Finding the right Amazon FBA course that fits your needs can get really challenging really fast. To help you along, we’ve looked at several options to create this curated list. These courses are taught by industry experts and experienced Amazon sellers, and they also cover an extensive range of topics, provide comprehensive training programs and resources, and offer a variety of value-added experiences, like access to one-on-one coaching and useful tools. 

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket 

helium 10 freedom ticket
Source: Helium 10

Best for: Beginners who want to become more effective Amazon sellers

This award-winning intensive course is taught by Kevin King, who is an eCommerce expert and Amazon seller with decades of experience under his belt. Freedom Ticket is a 10-week course that acts as a step-by-step guide on how to build and launch your very own profitable FBA business. Course highlights include modules such as:

  • Finding profitable products to sell
  • Leveraging Amazon advertising 
  • How to make sales on the platform
  • Learning the best avenues to source your products

King also shares his proven success methods, as well as actionable tips on how you can make your business more profitable. It caters to all types of sellers, from beginners to experienced private label sellers. Freedom Ticket has had over 2,200 certified students who have managed to make over $370 million in annual sales.


  • Access to Helium 10 tools, video training tools, and downloadable course materials
  • In-depth coverage of Amazon FBA essentials, such as product research, Amazon PPC, and listing optimization
  • 150+ modules with updated content
  • Exclusive training at your own pace
  • Gives students who passed the course a digital degree and a Freedom Ticket certificate


  • Only available to Helium 10 users who have subscribed to a plan (Platinum, Diamond, or Supercharging Your Brand)


  • $99 per month, with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Standalone access costs $997 as of writing.

Jungle Scout Academy

jungle scout academy
Source: JungleScout

Best for: Sellers who want intensive lessons on everything there is to know about Amazon

Designed by Greg Mercer, this course offers an in-depth look into what you can do to become a successful Amazon seller. Mercer is an experienced Amazon seller who is also the CEO of Jungle Scout.

This FBA course features tutorials crafted by successful Amazon sellers and experts, which are divided into short, easy-to-follow videos. The course line-up includes several episodes that cover topics like product research, optimizing your listing, and how to use Jungle Scout. One of the best things about the Academy is that you can access everything via your Jungle Scout account—no need to switch to external platforms like YouTube to check out the videos.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Jungle Scout Academy, then check out the Freedom Builder Bootcamp, a course that’s also taught by Greg Mercer. 


  • 130+ videos with comprehensive coverage on various Amazon topics
  • Offers bite-sized tutorials, interactive modules, and on-demand content
  • Holds live Q&A sessions
  • Comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee


  • Mostly focused on video tutorials


  • Jungle Scout Academy is included with a Jungle Scout subscription at no additional cost
  • A Jungle Scout subscription starts at $29 per month, billed annually

The AMZ Formula by Joshua Crisp

amz formula
Source: AMZ Formula

Best for: Individuals interested in starting an Amazon FBA private label business

In this course, Joshua Crisp, an eCommerce expert who focuses on Amazon and has generated over $11 million in revenue, shares his proven formula on how you can become a successful Amazon FBA seller. Learners will work personally with Crisp to tackle the said formula, which covers key points like leveraged research and what Crisp calls “The Pendulum.” Through this course, students were able to grow their businesses and rake in sales of almost $1.4 million within just a few months. The course covers topics like product research and validation, how to find suppliers, and how to maintain your rank. 


  • Provides 70+ high-quality videos
  • Exclusive access to resources and an active chat room
  • Free updates
  • Personalized attention 


  • Limited space availability 


  • $1,997, with occasional discounts 

Proven Amazon Course

proven amazon course
Source: Proven Amazon Course

Best for: Sellers of all levels who want to learn more about arbitrage, wholesale, and penetrating a new market

Launched by Jim Cockrum in 2012, Proven Amazon Course (PAC) is chock-full of modules that leverage Cockrum’s decades of experience in the eCommerce field. Topics like sourcing strategies (retail and online arbitrage, book sourcing, wholesale sourcing, and more), how to launch branded bundles, and how you can grow faster on Amazon are all covered in depth.   

Flagship courses include the following:

  • RA Replenish Course
  • Proven Brand Building
  • International AZ

One of the most noteworthy courses offered by PAC is the REPLENS course. Here, you’ll get to learn things like:

  • Finding replens
  • Creating an efficient replens workflow
  • Expanding the scope of your replens

In case you’re not yet familiar with the term, here’s how Cockrum and his team describe the “Replens” strategy. Instead of manually scanning barcodes in store to look for profitable products, you’re leveraging what Cockrum calls the “world of unmet demand” on Amazon. This strategy allows you to purchase the same high-margin products from the same shopping list. The products are what Cockrum refers to as “replens.”


  • Designed for almost everyone, from parents and students to busy professionals and retirees
  • Reasonably priced for easier access to learning materials
  • One-on-one coaching provided by successful Amazon sellers and business builders
  • A BBB-accredited business 
  • For US and international students 


  • Courses could be more organized


  • $39 per month
  • $999 for instant lifetime access

Amazing Selling Machine

amazon selling machine
Source: Amazon Selling Machine

Best for: Sellers who want to venture deeper into Amazon FBA private label selling

Primarily taught by businessmen and Amazon sellers Matt Clark, Mike McClary, and Devin Dorosh, the Amazing Selling Machine offers 12 modules and 120 lessons from the top 1% of Amazon sellers. These cover topics ranging from Amazon success principles and how to find your first product to building your brand assets and scaling your sales. The course also tackles how you can automate your business, transform a single product into a line of products, and how you can find and work with reliable suppliers. 


  • Over 20 hours of high-quality Amazon FBA content
  • Long track record of 11 years
  • Has been featured in publications like CNBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider


  • Steep upfront costs 


  • $2,997 (discounted rate), with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Key Considerations When Choosing an Amazon FBA Course

Aside from using our criteria of what a good Amazon FBA course should be, here are some additional considerations to factor in when looking for the best FBA course for your needs:


Fees tend to vary from one provider to another, which is why it’s important to find a course that fits your budget. Just how much are you willing to invest in an FBA course? Look for a course that has what you consider to be a reasonable price. 

It’s also crucial to find an FBA course that provides flexibility, something that doesn’t have a very rigorous schedule and lets you learn at your own pace. It’s worth noting that courses offering live classes are also a good option. That’s because live classes help you stay up to date with the latest developments on Amazon FBA. Plus, they give you the opportunity to ask questions and exchange new ideas in real time. 

Checking if the courses offer a money-back guarantee also helps. However, if you have limited resources, then you may want to consider exploring alternative or free learning resources first. 

The Course’s Reputation and Track Record

A good FBA course should be credible and have a good reputation. Checking reviews, reports, or records would be a good place to start. The course should also be able to provide case studies and student success stories to give you a better idea of how the course is taught, what approaches they’re using, and what methods they’re employing to enrich your learning experience. Furthermore, the lesson should present recent or updated information about Amazon and Amazon FBA. 

Aside from examining the course’s track record and reputation, it’s also equally important to assess the teacher’s qualifications. What makes them fit to teach this course? Are they experienced or successful Amazon sellers? 


Some courses give you access to exclusive communities comprised of fellow participants. This is a great way to engage with others, exchange ideas with them, and get additional support.

Alternative Learning Resources for Amazon FBA

Paid Amazon FBA courses might not be your cup of tea for various reasons. With that in mind, here are several helpful alternative resources that are worth looking into.


Amazon itself is a treasure trove of learning resources. It provides curated explainer videos, comprehensive articles, and guides. Its Seller University provides educational resources for brands and individuals to help them find their footing in the platform and become successful selling partners. Topics you can find on Amazon Seller University include ways to protect your brand and what you need to know before creating an Amazon seller account.   

To help you get started, here are some of our picks from Amazon:


Podcasts are also a great alternative learning resource. Amazon FBA podcasts share a ton of helpful information on how you can become an effective Amazon seller. They’re often beginner-friendly, present easy-to-understand information, and are hosted by people who have experience or ample knowledge in running an Amazon business. 

To help you get started, here are some of our top Amazon FBA podcast picks:

  • The Full-Time FBA Show hosted by Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman –  Some of the topics covered by this podcast include strategies to minimize excess Amazon FBA inventory and how to achieve long-term Amazon FBA success. 
  • Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10 – This podcast talks about all things Amazon, from how to sell on international Amazon marketplaces to how to use Amazon brand analytics data. 


Not all YouTube channels dedicated to Amazon and Amazon FBA have the same quality. We recommend checking out ones from more reputable channels like Jungle Scout, Amazon Seller University, Helium 10, and Brand Builder University. 

Other sources that are also worth checking out include social media and blogs. However, when it comes to finding reliable information on Amazon FBA, it’s best to stick with the experts or those who have proven experience in the field. 

Online learning and teaching marketplaces like Udemy also offer an array of Amazon FBA courses. For instance, on Udemy, you can find FBA courses that discuss how you can get started with Amazon product research, start a wholesale FBA business, and launch a private label business via Amazon FBA. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking to build your network, you can leverage social media channels like X and LinkedIn to find and connect with key opinion leaders, as well as helpful resources like articles and short videos.

Equip Your Business for Success with the Right Tools

Effective order fulfillment plays a crucial role in the success of your eCommerce strategy. It can unlock several benefits that give your business a competitive edge, such as improved customer satisfaction and retention, better operational efficiency, and amplified brand reputation. 

Ensuring that your Amazon business is equipped for growth is a time-consuming process that involves significant financial investments. While Amazon FBA does give you a shortcut of sorts when it comes to order fulfillment and shipping, you will still need to monitor and maintain aspects like business performance, customer service, and finding profitable products to sell. 

Threecolts provides you with a range of solutions designed to accelerate your business growth. From generating new Amazon reviews and answering tickets faster to sourcing winning products and analyzing your Amazon FBA profit and loss, these tools help you build a successful Amazon FBA business. Learn how Threecolts can supercharge your Amazon FBA business.