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Decoding the Success of Amazon's Billion-Dollar Revenue

Geri Mileva
January 29, 2024
February 21, 2024
decoding success of amazon

Amazon primarily caters to three customer groups: consumers, sellers, and website developers. This encompasses a wide array of potential paying customers. Furthermore, Amazon's standing as the fifth-largest global company by market capitalization underscores its substantial revenue and cash reserves. So, when it comes to currency, Amazon deals in the billions.

Through the platform’s various ventures such as Amazon's Basics brand, the FBA program that enables individuals to run businesses on the platform, Amazon Prime streaming, the acquisition of Whole Foods Market, and Amazon Web Services, it's clear that Amazon is a significant revenue generator. Let's delve into the specific figures and see how Amazon generates staggering amounts of money.

How Much Does Amazon Earn Daily?

While the daily earnings may vary, reports suggest that Amazon rakes in approximately $1.29 billion daily. Breaking it down, this amounts to:

  • $53-54 million per hour
  • $896,000 per minute
  • $15,000 per second

As of September 2023, Amazon's yearly revenue is around $554.028 billion

Considering it has 310 million active users worldwide and delivers 1.6 million packages daily, it's clear that Amazon customers contribute significantly to the online retailer's daily revenue. You and your business can be part of this by utilizing the appropriate tools and knowledge.

How Does Amazon Make Money?

As the internet became more popular and accessible, Amazon strategically diversified its revenue sources. While its primary focus remained to deliver products to consumers, the company expanded into additional services and ventures, bolstering its presence across various sectors.

Retail Sales

Amazon's primary source of income is its retail sales. It secured the top position among US online retailers in 2023 with a 37.6% market share, dominating the online sales landscape. Covering everything from A to Z, each item sold on the platform contributes to its daily earnings. Third-party sellers play a pivotal role in driving Amazon's retail sales performance and contribute roughly 58% of the company's total retail revenue.

If you're an Amazon seller, optimizing your eCommerce platform could increase your revenue. Utilizing resources to enhance your online venture is crucial. Tools like ScoutIQ simplify the process of finding profitable products for resale. With just a simple click of a camera, you can identify books with selling potential. The software calculates estimated profits, factoring in FBA fees, shipping costs, and other expenses. This enables you to make well-informed decisions regarding the products you choose to buy and sell on Amazon.

Subscription Services

Amazon offers a variety of subscription services to meet the evolving needs of today's consumers. Prime membership, with its quick delivery, free shipping, and extensive multimedia libraries, is a standout service, boasting over 200 million members.

The benefits of Amazon Prime extend beyond fast shipping. Members enjoy Prime Video and Music, grocery discounts, and early access to deals. On average, Prime members spend around $1,400 annually.

With flexible monthly and yearly payment options, Prime membership generated $35.22 billion in revenue in 2022. Amazon Prime Day 2023 set records with a 6.1% year-over-year spending increase, reaching $12.7 billion. Globally, Prime members purchased over 375 million products, saving $2.5 billion on deals.

While Prime continues to excel, other services also gain traction. Amazon Music Unlimited is a worthy competitor to Spotify and Apple Music, and Prime Video is attracting a wider audience through its investment in original content.

amazon subscription services prime

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS continues to dominate the global cloud computing market with a 33% market share, amounting to approximately $88 billion in net sales for 2023. Although its growth rate has slowed since its hyper-expansion era, AWS consistently experiences year-over-year increases, evident in its 12% revenue growth in Q3 2023.

Aside from basic storage and compute services, AWS now offers a comprehensive portfolio of 200+ services. This includes AI, machine learning, security, and database management. This expansion caters to the diverse customer needs of larger enterprises and fosters deeper engagement from SMBs.

AWS is also actively expanding its presence in high-growth markets like India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, focusing on localization, competitive pricing, and cloud-native application development tools for success in these regions.

Digital Advertising

Amazon's advertising revenue soared in the second quarter of 2023, generating $10.68 billion. This growth is partly attributed to advanced machine learning models that optimize cost-efficient audience targeting without third-party cookies. Marketers experienced improved click-through rates, ROAS, and reduced impression costs.

Unlike its competitors, Google and Meta, Amazon has a unique advantage – its extensive first-party data that encompasses purchase history and browsing behavior. This enables highly targeted and personalized advertising, resonating with brands and driving increased ad clicks and conversions.

Kindle Ecosystem

Kindle continues to lead the dedicated eReader market despite competition from tablets and e-readers. The latest models, such as Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition and Kindle Scribe, offer improved features and have received positive feedback. While specific sales figures aren't disclosed, analysts estimate Kindle sales to be in the tens of millions annually, creating a substantial one-time revenue stream.

Kindle contributes to Amazon's overall revenue through its ecosystem. These devices are often bundled with Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading subscriptions, encouraging continued user engagement. The most profitable eBooks on Amazon cater to popular niches such as self-help, finance, wellness, business, religion, memoirs, and cookbooks. Romance leads in popularity within Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited, an all-you-can-read service, has surged to over 20 million subscribers globally, ensuring steady recurring revenue for Amazon. With Kindle Unlimited, Amazon holds an estimated 83% share of US eBook purchases. 

Furthermore, Amazon's investment in Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select is growing. The KDP Select program allows authors to make eBooks exclusive to Kindle Unlimited, thereby attracting and incentivizing subscribers.

amazon kindle program


Audible generates revenue through diverse channels:

  • Subscription Fees: Monthly or yearly plans contribute earnings
  • Audiobook Sales: Income stems from one-time audiobook purchases
  • Audible Originals: Exclusive content enhances subscriber benefits
  • Memberships: Revenue is generated through Audible membership fees
  • Credit Purchases: Additional earnings when users buy extra credits
  • Gift Memberships: Revenue from gifting Audible memberships
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborative efforts with authors and publishers
  • Advertisement-Free Listening: Certain plans offer ad-free listening

Audible, which has surpassed $1 billion in global consumer spending on Apple's App Store and Google Play, earns 99.3% of its revenue from the US, with the rest coming from the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. Its business model is based on subscriptions, where members pay a monthly fee for access to a wide range of audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content, providing Amazon with consistent and predictable recurring revenue.

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods form a powerful duo driving grocery growth. With about 48 million users, Amazon Fresh is an online grocery delivery service that recorded $4.96 billion in revenue in 2022. The service continues to expand rapidly, opening new stores and venturing into new markets, with a focus on densely populated areas and local partnerships.

Prime membership plays a crucial role in the adoption of Amazon Fresh because it provides exclusive discounts, free delivery, and integration with other Prime benefits, such as Prime Video.

Whole Foods, acquired by Amazon, prioritizes high-quality organic groceries, setting itself apart from Amazon Fresh's broader range. Known for its innovation among top retailers, Whole Foods appeals to a loyal customer base who value premium and ethically sourced products. 365 Everyday Value, its private label, expands affordably without compromising quality, broadening its customer base and revenue.

Amazon Go

Despite initial challenges, Amazon Go has expanded to over 43 convenience store locations in the US and the UK. This growth highlights Amazon's commitment to its innovative "Just Walk Out" technology and its potential future revenue potential.

With an average of 550 daily visitors, Amazon Go stores generate an estimated annual revenue of $1.5 million, excluding closed days. Beyond convenience, Amazon Go transforms into a data-driven retail platform. Sensors, cameras, and machine learning track customer behavior, informing product placement, inventory, and targeted promotions. This data-centric approach enhances operational efficiency and offers personalized shopping experiences, potentially boosting engagement and revenue.

Furthermore, Amazon Go continues to explore frictionless payment options. In addition to Amazon accounts and smartphone scans, the Amazon One palm payment system has become popular, offering a faster, contactless checkout experience.


Twitch, a popular gaming platform owned by Amazon, generates revenue from ads, subscriptions, and virtual item sales. In Q2 2023, Twitch earned around $29.95 million globally through in-app purchases, according to Statista.

Key revenue drivers include Twitch subscriptions, boosted by Prime Gaming memberships that bundle Twitch with other Prime benefits. Tiered subscriptions allow viewers to support streamers at various price points with different perks.

Twitch is exploring interactive ad formats, such as less intrusive mid-roll ads embedded directly in streams, to increase viewer engagement and ad revenue. Sponsored segments also enable direct brand partnerships for seamless product placements.

In response to the shift towards mobile gaming, Twitch is prioritizing its mobile app and investing in features like mobile streaming and interactive viewing. This aligns with a growing audience, presenting opportunities for mobile-specific ads and virtual goods offerings.

What Are Amazon's Revenue Segments?

Three main business segments drove Amazon's revenue in 2023. Let's analyze each segment's contributions and recent trends to understand Amazon's income dynamics better.

North America

North America has contributed more than 60% to Amazon’s overall revenue. It serves as Amazon's primary retail hub. Comprising both online and physical retail experiences, mainly in the United States and Canada, it relies on a diverse product range, efficient logistics, and the Prime membership program. However, online store growth has plateaued due to challenges like inflation and evolving consumer spending habits.

A noteworthy trend is the rising influence of physical stores within the North American segment. From Whole Foods Market to Amazon Books and the expanding Amazon Go chain, these brick-and-mortar ventures extend Amazon's presence and cater to diverse shopping preferences. Moreover, they provide valuable data for personalized marketing and optimize logistics efficiency.


Though smaller than North America, the international segment is vital to Amazon's expansion, contributing about 25% to the total revenue. Operating across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, this segment taps into the growth potential of developing economies and increased internet access and smartphone usage. However, this segment faces challenges navigating regional regulations, cultural differences, and stiff competition from local players, particularly in the ASEAN region.

Amazon India is a notable success within the international segment. Fueled by diverse product offerings, strategic partnerships, and competitive discounts, Amazon India has surpassed rivals like Flipkart. This success underscores Amazon's adaptability and strategic prowess in distinct regional landscapes.

Amazon Web Services

While retail segments are noteworthy, AWS stands out for its profitability. This cloud computing platform provides on-demand digital infrastructure and storage. It serves as the primary cloud provider for various services, ranging from Netflix to NASA. In 2023, AWS alone accounted for over 15% of total revenue and nearly 60% of operating income.

Fueled by digital transformation, the expanding cloud computing market benefits AWS due to its robust track record, extensive data centers, and cutting-edge tools. AWS excels in core computing and storage and ventures into emerging fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, strengthening its leadership in the evolving cloud landscape.

Besides the key retail and cloud segments that drive Amazon's revenue, the company actively pursues diverse growth avenues. Advertising, healthcare, and entertainment investments signify Amazon's ambition to evolve into a multifaceted platform that addresses various consumer needs.

What Are the Factors Influencing Amazon's Daily Earnings?

To truly understand a company's performance, we need to look beyond total revenue and analyze other contributing factors. Below are six crucial elements that influence Amazon's daily earnings, offering valuable insights. 

Sales Volume

Sales form the cornerstone of Amazon's business, encompassing products from small items to significant purchases.

  • Seasonality: Sales peak during the holidays, offering insights into consumer trends and market health. This is especially noticeable during key events like Prime Day and Black Friday.
  • Product Mix: Varied and profitable product offerings influence daily earnings. High-margin items like electronics contribute more than lower-margin products like groceries. Monitoring shifts in the product mix reveals strategic changes and emerging revenue sources.
  • Marketing and Promotions: Aggressive marketing and targeted promotions drive sales spikes. Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing channels informs future strategies, optimizing ROI.

Prime Membership

Prime memberships significantly contribute to Amazon's long-term growth. 

  • Membership Renewal Rates: Factors such as expanded benefits, exclusive deals, and seamless delivery experiences are crucial in retaining Prime members and influencing daily revenue.
  • Prime Day and Member-Exclusive Events: Events like Prime Day drive substantial sales and revenue spikes. Monitoring their performance helps gauge the effectiveness of member engagement strategies and their impact on daily earnings.
  • Prime Video and Music Subscriptions: Bundled with Prime, these services offer recurring revenue and potential loyalty boosts. Tracking subscriber growth and engagement provides insights into the success of these offerings and their contribution to daily earnings.

Ad Revenue

Amazon is a significant player in online advertising. Merchants pay for prominent product listings, and brands utilize Amazon's extensive user base for targeted ads.  

  • Cost-per-Click Rates (CPC): Rising CPC rates indicate heightened demand for ad space on Amazon, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in reaching consumers.
  • Click-Through Rates (CTR): Monitoring CTRs gauges ad quality and relevance, revealing the most effective strategies that resonate with users, driving higher revenue.
  • Ad Format Diversification: Amazon constantly experiments with new ad formats, like sponsored product placements and video ads. Tracking their adoption and performance unveils growth opportunities and potential impacts on daily earnings.

Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services is the global leader in cloud computing, serving businesses of all sizes. 

  • Market Share and Competition: AWS competes with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Tracking market share trends and AWS's response to competition provides insights into future revenue potential.
  • Adoption of New Services: AWS consistently broadens its service offerings, venturing into edge computing and artificial intelligence. Monitoring the uptake of these services uncovers promising revenue streams.
  • Profitability of AWS: Despite robust revenue, AWS operates on narrower margins than Amazon's retail segment. Analyzing AWS's cost structure and efforts to enhance profitability is crucial to understanding its long-term impact on daily earnings.

International Expansion

Amazon spans over 200 countries, with India, Germany, and Japan significantly contributing daily revenue. 

  • Growth Potential in Emerging Markets: India and Southeast Asia offer untapped potential. Monitoring growth rates and market penetration in these regions provides insights into future revenue streams.
  • Local Adaptation Strategies: Adapting products, marketing, and delivery to specific regions is crucial. Analyzing the effectiveness of Amazon's strategies in different markets helps assess their impact on daily earnings.
  • Currency Fluctuations: Changes in foreign currencies can affect revenue translation into US$. Understanding Amazon's exposure to exchange rate fluctuations is crucial in interpreting daily earnings figures.

Regulatory Landscape

Evolving regulations on data privacy, competition, and labor practices can impact Amazon's business.

  • Anti-trust Scrutiny: Increased regulatory scrutiny due to concerns about Amazon's market dominance. Tracking anti-trust investigations and potential legislative changes helps assess their impact on future revenue and operating costs.
  • Data Privacy Regulations: Stringent laws like GDPR and CCPA can restrict Amazon's data usage, impacting advertising and recommendations. It is crucial to analyze Amazon's adaptation to these regulations and their potential effect on daily earnings.
  • Labor Practices: Criticism of labor practices may lead to regulatory pressures and changes in labor laws. This can impact operational costs and consumer perception, affecting daily earnings.

Alongside these major factors, several emerging trends, such as voice commerce and sustainability initiatives, also influence Amazon's daily earnings.

Final Thoughts

Amazon's daily earnings fluctuate due to numerous factors. However, what remains constant is the hundreds of millions of dollars it generates every day. To tap into this lucrative market, consider becoming an Amazon seller. The key lies in selecting the right product, leveraging effective tools, implementing strategic marketing, and putting in the effort. 

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