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Threecolts, AMZScout or Viral Launch? Amazon Seller Tools

Geri Mileva
December 5, 2023
May 7, 2024

If you’re currently looking for an Amazon seller tool, you’ve probably heard of a marketplace management platform. Among the leading providers of this product are AMZScout and Viral Launch.

But another competitor has been catching up: Threecolts. Launched just in 2021, Threecolts has already gained 20,000 customers, and its team has grown to 200 employees across 32 countries and six continents.

Should you trust this new player or stick to the well-known names? Let’s compare AMZScout, Viral Launch, and Threecolts to help you choose the Amazon seller tool that will accelerate your success.

Features and Solutions Overview

Let’s start with a quick look at the features and solutions Threecolts, AMZScout, and Viral Launch offer.


  • Profit Recovery
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Real-time Listing Alerts
  • Cross Border
  • Helpdesk Integration
  • Mobile App Scan
  • Online Price Scan
  • APIs (Available soon)
  • Custom Visualization
  • Profit Dashboard


  • Product Research Tool
  • Keywords and Product Listing Tools
  • Free Tools 
  • Quick Start Solutions

Viral Launch

  • Product Discovery
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Listing Builder
  • Split Testing
  • Market Intelligence
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Kinetic PPC
  • Launches
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Manager
  • LaunchGPT
  • Review Generator

At first glance, Viral Launch appears to be the most comprehensive Amazon seller toolkit. But there’s still a lot to know about all three platforms before forming a final opinion.

How it Works: Threecolts vs. AMZScout vs. Viral Launch


Source: AMZScout

Founded in 2017, AMZScout offers numerous tools for Amazon sellers at every stage. Its flagship product, PRO Extension, is a gem for product research because it instantly pulls up extensive data about any Amazon product. PRO Extension integrates with Amazon and can be used on any page within the marketplace. For example, if you go to the Best Sellers page and click on any product category, you can access a detailed list of top-selling items by simply clicking on the PRO Extension icon at the bottom of your screen. The list also reveals key data points, including, but not limited to:

  • Product Name
  • Brand 
  • Product Score
  • Number of Sellers
  • Rank
  • Price
  • FBA Fees
  • Estimated Sales
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Number of Reviews

You can click on a product in the list, and PRO Extension will show available actions and links, such as “Add to Tracker,” “Profit Calculator,” “Product History,” “Get Keywords,” “Find on Alibaba,” “Find on Google,” and “Copy ASIN.”

The profit calculator shows a selected product’s selling price, weight, size, package weight and size, monthly storage fee, pick and pack charges, Amazon referral fees, and estimated monthly sales. Additionally, it calculates other costs and earnings, such as total FBA fees, profit per unit, net margin, and return on investment (ROI), before ultimately showing the estimated monthly profit.

The product history, meanwhile, shows a bar graph depicting the product’s sales, rank, and price movements throughout a period. Basically, it lets you see when the item sells best and worst. You can also see a category’s overall trends report, which is integrated with PRO Extension, as depicted on Google Trends.

If you need a more niche product idea, PRO Extension can redirect you to an Amazon page showing top-selling niche products. You can also filter your search down to specific performance metrics, get a more personalized view, and download all available information as a CSV file.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch
Source: Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an all-in-one seller software founded in 2014. It provides a suite of tools for various Amazon tasks, from product research to customer reviews. Its product research tool, Product Discovery, sifts through multiple categories on Amazon at a category, brand, product, and keyword level. 

The category level looks at the big picture; it explores entire product categories to get a good grasp of the market. The brand level zooms in on specific brands within a category to discover best-selling products, marketing approaches, and selling opportunities. At the product level, Product Discovery analyzes individual products to identify a profitable niche. Finally, Product Discovery gets down to the nitty gritty at the keyword level, identifying specific search terms and measuring the associated interest by volume.

When you’re ready to sell, Viral Launch’s Listing Builder can help optimize your listings. It leverages earlier insights from Viral Launch’s keyword research tool to identify winning search terms. You can also track critical SEO metrics like search term volume, relevance, and Optimization Score. If you already have an existing listing, you can import it to the tool or create a new one from scratch. Listing Builder ensures optimization by letting you modify character limits to align with your Seller Central Account settings.

Another noteworthy tool of Viral Launch is LaunchGPT, an AI listing generator. It automatically generates listing details, such as SEO keywords, bullet points, and compelling copy. It even translates into other languages to help you reach international markets. 


Dimetyd, SellerBench and FeedbackWhiz

Threecolts was founded in 2021 and prides itself on being the most comprehensive cloud suite for Amazon businesses. It is an ecosystem consisting of 17 products presenting 39 solutions. All tools complement each other, so you no longer need to buy solutions from different providers and pay separate subscriptions.

Financial management and optimization are some of the areas in which Threecolts excels. You can use DimeTyd or SellerBench to streamline your financial operations. Sellerbench, in particular, helps maximize the bottom line by identifying reimbursements from lost and/or damaged inventory and incorrect fees. It can be used by both Seller Central and Vendor Central users. Sellerbench provides a weekly invoice outlining all reimbursements and how to earn them back. 

DimeTyd, on the other hand, automates Amazon’s vendor remittance. It ensures seamless recovery of unwarranted deductions, including up to 10% of annual shipment value lost to overbilling, deductions, and short payments. You can reinvest the recovered funds in advertising or promotions or apply them to their bottom line.

Another excellent financial management tool from Threecolts is RefundSniper. It performs a complete audit of an Amazon seller account, identifying discrepancies and reimbursements over each quarter. 

Threecolts also offers FeedbackWhiz, a highly customizable profit analytics platform for Amazon sellers. FeedbackWhiz provides a unified dashboard for global Amazon stores, where profits and losses can be broken down into categories and tracked. It streamlines Amazon bookkeeping tasks so you can measure their profitability based on the most relevant data.

Essential Functionalities

Essential Functionalities for Amazon Sellers

Marketing and SEO 

AMZScout has three tools in this criterion: Keyword Search for Amazon, Product Keywords Lookup 2.0, and Keyword Tracker for Amazon. The first tool, Keyword Search, finds hundreds of relevant keywords for products, identifies search terms competitors aren’t using, enhances PPC ads, and checks the monthly search volume for any keyword.

Product Keywords Lookup 2.0 identifies competitors’ best keywords so you can use them for your own PPC ads. The tool also boosts organic traffic by picking the most powerful keywords for your listings and helps you evaluate a product’s popularity by its keywords’ monthly search volume.

Lastly, AMZScout’s Keyword Tracker updates you when a paid keyword has improved your organic ranking, allowing you to control your PPC spending. It also identifies ineffective search terms and tracks competitors’ SEO activities.

For Viral Launch, there are at least four marketing and SEO tools: Kinetic PPC, Keyword Research, and Keyword Manager. Kinetic PPC can be connected to the Amazon Advertising Console. It automates PPC campaigns, provides comprehensive keyword and search term insights, and presents actionable insights to get the most out of your ad spend. 

Keyword Research, on the other hand, discovers hidden keywords, pulls up real-time data, refines keyword relevance, and builds a solid keyword bank. The Keyword Manager works the same way, only it uncovers more precise insights, such as keyword scores, organic and sponsored rank tracking, search trends, and index checks.

Threecolts differs from AMZScout and Viral Launch when it comes to marketing and SEO. That’s because it specializes in conversion optimization, mainly through email campaigns. FeedbackWhiz automates emails to create, send, and track the success of your campaigns. You can target order groups by ASIN, SKU, product name, marketplace, repeat customers, and more. You can also exclude certain customer groups from your campaigns, like those who have left negative reviews, for example. 

FeedbackWhiz lets you schedule your email blasts based on your customer profiles. You can even reach international customers thanks to the built-in translation tool that automatically writes your emails in your customer’s preferred language.

Furthermore, FeedbackWhiz can monitor all critical events concerning your product listings, even when you’re offline. It alerts you about new reviews, seller feedback, hijack activity, listing title changes, buy box loss, pricing shifts, and more. 

Inventory Management

AMZScout’s inventory management system spies on your competitors’ stock levels. You can use their data to make purchasing decisions and determine a competitive pricing strategy. You can also monitor your competitors’ Best Sellers Ranks (BSR) to gauge their sales. 

Additionally, AMZScout has a reimbursement service that audits your FBA payments and identifies discrepancies, lost inventory, and potential reimbursements. You can receive a detailed report about FBA compensations that are rightfully yours and the funds recovered on your behalf. 

Viral Launch doesn’t have a dedicated inventory management tool. The closest to it is Market Intelligence, Viral Launch’s upgraded product research tool. It has a built-in calculator for determining your upfront investments, estimating ideal order quantities, and predicting your potential profit. Market Intelligence can also help you set competitive prices that balance your traffic and profitability.

What about Threecolts? Threecolts offers an intuitive inventory management tool via SellerBench and RefundSniper. These tools work hand in hand to detect FBA issues, like lost inventory, discrepancies, and other inventory mismanagement cases. They deliver case-level reporting so you can stay updated on every pending, completed, and rejected case.

Accurate and efficient inventory management is highly crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow and profitability. You can boost your profits by millions of dollars from inventory refunds alone. Plus, Threecolts only charges you when you get paid by the FBA, so every cent you invest is worth it.

Real-time Updates and Alerts

Real-time updates aren’t AMZScout’s strongest suit, but it does send an alert as soon as your Amazon search ranking gets high enough that you no longer need to spend on ads. You’ll also be alerted when your product loses its organic position.

Stock Stats, AMZScout’s competitor research tool, sends timely updates about your competitors’ BSR. It saves you from the hassle of going to Amazon and checking the BSR page every hour.

Viral Launch sends real-time updates with Listing Analyzer, a tool for evaluating your listing’s performance. It keeps you updated on your Optimization Score, Viral Launch’s proprietary comprehensive grade for every listing that you can constantly monitor and track.

Threecolts stands out in the real-time updates and alerts criteria. It offers a reliable monitoring tool called Bindwise, which sends real-time alerts on every costly issue affecting your listings, FBA fees, Buy Box, and Seller Central. You’re instantly notified via email if hijackers or piggybackers are selling on your Amazon listings and when they stop. You can also receive a Ready-To-Use Cease & Desist letter if you need to take action. 

Besides that, Bindwise tracks over 100 product details to examine adult flags, titles, images, and more. It alerts you of any changes to your product details pages and shows the modifications made. In turn, you can bring them back to the way they were and avoid losing your good ranking. 

Bindwise also notifies you immediately when your product gets negative feedback. You can either remove the bad review or reach out to the customer and resolve their issue. On top of that, Bindwise helps you track your FBA fees so you can avoid getting overcharged.

Sales and Profit Analytics

AMZScout’s PRO Extension can pull up sales data as well as sales history. Find your product’s niche in the Amazon search bar and activate PRO Extension to open a dashboard showing the sales data for the entire niche and each of its products.

You can also use AMZScout’s free sales estimator on their website. Just input your country, the product’s category, and the sales rank. It will show the estimated monthly sales, while the estimated revenue, FBA fees, and net profit are only visible for PRO Extension users.

Viral Launch delivers sales data through Market Intelligence. Use the platform to search relevant terms and discover what’s selling. You can spot in-demand products, enabling you to position your own items where they will sell well. You can also identify listings with unusual sales and review numbers. 

In addition, Market Intelligence can help estimate a particular category’s sales and understand category-specific requirements. It gauges the sales, trends, and competitiveness of a product based on its BSR position. You can also calculate your potential monthly revenue based on estimated sales and current prices. 

Threecolts provides sales and profit data through FeedbackWhiz’s Profit. It simplifies profit tracking by sorting your best- and worst-performing products across any metric. You can quickly determine your top money-makers and the ones that need more attention. It can also show sales and profit data for any timeframe.

FeedbackWhiz Profits pulls up aggregate data across all 20 marketplaces, such as sales, taxes, promotions, seller fees, and more. It analyzes sales data to identify which market is likely to buy a specific product. You can view all data in the form of dynamic graphs, charts, and interfaces depicting vital seller metrics. You can also input fixed or ongoing expenses into categories that make the most sense to you.

Customer Service Management

AMZScout’s specialty is product research, so it doesn’t offer a customer service tool you can integrate with your Amazon store. Meanwhile, Viral Launch focuses on improving your product listings’ ranking, so it also isn’t the place to look for customer service management software.

You can count on Threecolts, though. Helpdesk integration is one of Threecolts’ solutions, meaning you can manage all your support tickets on one platform. You can easily connect your Amazon store with helpdesk platforms like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, and more. There is no need to switch between tabs or programs; all live customer information is displayed on one screen.

You can streamline customer service with automated replies. You can use custom-built filters to build your message if a query requires a more personalized response. 

Review Automation

Review automation is another feature AMZScout lacks. Viral Launch catches up in this criterion with Review Generator, which helps Amazon sellers accelerate review rates. It automates review requests, email copywriting, and sequence setup. 

On the other hand, Threecolts automates review requests with FeedbackWhiz. It eliminates the manual task of clicking the “Request a Review” button on Amazon. Instead, it automatically deploys review requests to boost your social proof fast, helping you increase sales.


Now that we’ve covered all the essential solutions and functionalities of AMZScout, Viral Launch, and Threecolts, let’s delve into their packages.

Below is AMZScout’s standard pricing

  • PRO Extension - $259.99/year (+$100/year for add-ons)
  • Seller’s Bundle - $379.99/year (+$150/one time for add-ons)

AMZScout also offers three featured packages:

  • 3-Month Seller’s Bundle - $179.99 for the first three months, then only $149.97 every three months
  • 6-Month Seller’s Bundle - $279.99 for the first six months, then only $249.99 every six months
  • 12-Month Seller’s Bundle - $749.99 for the first 12 months, then only $379.99 every year

Viral Launch has three packages, including:

  • Essentials - $58/month
  • Pro - $83/month
  • Pro Plus Ads - $166/month

Threecolts has a more flexible pricing plan. The package it offers depends on the tools you need, the size of your business, and your budget. See below.

  • FeedbackWhiz
  • Free
  • Standard - $15.99/month
  • Basic - $31.99/month
  • Professional - $63.99/month
  • Ultimate - $111.99/month
  • Bindwise
  • Basic - $19/month
  • Pro - $29/month
  • Business - $49/month
  • Premium - $69/month
  • Enterprise - $99/month
  • ChannelReply (Customer service)
  • Standard - $31/month
  • Pro - $63/month
  • Enterprise - $159/month
  • SellerBench
  • Standard – 25% of successful reimbursements

You can contact Threecolts’ sales team to get a more tailored or comprehensive package. What’s great about its pricing model is that it lets you focus on what you need. You don’t need to commit to a hefty pricing plan that includes tools you don’t need at the moment. You can gradually increase your investment as your business grows.

AMZScout vs. Viral Launch vs. Threecolts: Which Amazon Seller Tool To Go For?

AMZScout is ideal for product research, Viral Launch shines in SEO, while Threecolts outperforms the two in terms of versatility. It allows Amazon sellers to invest in a toolkit tailored to their exact needs, budget, and goals. While AMZScout and Viral Launch also offer flexible prices, Threecolts is more approachable because of its more affordable monthly plans.

However, the Amazon seller tool you should choose must not depend on its price alone. Consider your unique needs and how each tool can satisfy them. Take time to try all the tools and evaluate your experience before making a final decision.

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