Best 12 Chrome Extensions Every Amazon Seller Should Know

Geri Mileva
October 27, 2023
October 27, 2023
Best 12 Chrome Extensions for Amazon Sellers

The world of Amazon can be a tricky system to navigate for sellers. The competition can be fierce, with over 2 million active Amazon businesses on the platform. These days, even eCommerce managers with a keen business sense need more help when it comes to running their online stores. Amazon has disrupted how the retail industry operates, and with it comes a slew of skills and knowledge that every online seller needs to learn. Selling on Amazon can be highly profitable if you have a good combination of skills and tools to help you succeed.

Fortunately, because of the size and popularity of Amazon as the leading eCommerce platform in the US, many tools have been developed for sellers and shoppers to enhance the Amazon experience. For Amazon merchants, these are valuable tools that help them stay on top of their game and improve their competitive strategy.

Advantages of Chrome Extensions for Amazon Sellers

Among all the tools available for Amazon sellers, Chrome extensions are helpful because they integrate seamlessly with the Chrome browser. The tool is readily accessible to the user whenever it is needed, without the need to switch between apps or tabs. It may not seem like much, but for busy business owners, every second is gold. Chrome extensions can make the work more efficient.

Chrome extensions also have an added layer of security since Google reviews them before their launch. In addition, users can review the app or tool’s permissions before installing it. This extra security reduces the risk of malicious software destroying or copying valuable data.

For people who are always on the go, Chrome extensions also offer convenience by enabling access from any Chrome device. This is helpful for sellers who use multiple devices for their operations.

Finally, using Chrome extensions instead of a separate, standalone tool gives you real-time data instantly. Most of the tools available nowadays can provide high-quality insights at the click of a button. You won’t need to copy-paste links, download or upload files, and switch between tabs for analysis. The extension will have what you need right at your fingertips.

Top Amazon Chrome Extensions for Sellers

Every Chrome extension has its own set of functionalities. Here, we offer our choices for the 12 best Chrome extensions to make every Amazon seller’s life easier. The good news is that extensions are fully customizable—you only pick and install the tools you need.


Threecolts – SellerRunning chrome extension

Threecolts is one of the leading companies that offer a full suite of cloud services for Amazon sellers. The SellerRunning Chrome extension is a cross-border arbitrage and dropship solution that enables you to search through vast volumes of products easily. This tool is perfect for Amazon online arbitrage sellers constantly looking for new products to add to their catalog. SellerRunning works in 16 Amazon global marketplaces so that you can discover profitable products worldwide. Aside from the ease of product searches, Threecolts automates inventory management, allowing you to add items to your inventory in seconds, all in compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.

Free Trial or Version: 7 days

Pricing: Threecolts has 11 tiers for SellerRunning for maximum flexibility, built for businesses of all sizes. 

  • Lite: $59.90/month
  • Standard: $84.90/month
  • Business: $139.90/month
  • Professional: $214.90/month
  • Enterprise: $429.90/month
  • High Levels 1 to 6: From $719.90/month to $2,330.90/month

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout chrome extension

Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension helps Amazon sellers make data-driven decisions. With this tool, you get crucial product insights like demand, competitive data, and profit projections in one dashboard. If you have an idea for a product, Jungle Scout’s proprietary AccuSales program provides you with the necessary information to determine if the idea is feasible and profitable. You get an “Opportunity Score,” which evaluates a product’s potential based on quantitative data. There is no need to rely on your gut feeling about a product idea; Jungle Scout analyzes the data for you and gives you relevant details for an informed decision.

Free Trial or Version: 7-day money-back guarantee

Pricing: Three packages are available as either monthly plans or annual plans.

  • Basic: Starts at $29/month when billed annually or $49/month when billed monthly
  • Suite: $49/month when billed annually or $69/month when billed monthly
  • Professional: $84/month when billed annually or $129/month when billed monthly



With Keepa’s Chrome extension, price history charts will be displayed directly on the Amazon product page. The price tracker tool monitors sales and price history for over 3 billion Amazon products. You can also set up price watches for any product; Keepa will alert you of price drops, availability, and product deals so you can stay competitive. Keepa’s price tracker extension works across all international Amazon marketplaces, making comparisons among local markets easy and allowing you to select the most competitive offers. Discover the highest price drops every day in your chosen product categories to take advantage of the best promos. Each function is fully customizable—adjust the settings on the extension to receive only the notifications you need.

Free Trial or Version: The Price Tracker Chrome extension is free even without registering for a Keepa account. 

Pricing: Advanced features are available for a fee; access to its Premium Data features is also available for a monthly subscription fee of €19/month (approximately $18).

Helium 10


Amazon FBA sellers might find Helium 10’s Chrome extension a valuable, comprehensive product and keyword research tool. Developed in 2016, it has since been used by more than 700,000 Amazon sellers. Its capabilities include an FBA calculator, revenue calculator, price tracker, Best Seller Rank (BSR) tracker, review analyzer, keyword research, ASIN lookup, and product inventory level. The functionalities of the Helium 10 Chrome extension make it one of the more comprehensive tools on our list.

Free Trial or Version: The Chrome extension itself is free to use.

Pricing: Helium 10 offers three premium plans for its entire suite of products and services. Monthly and annual plans are available, but you get a better deal if you choose the yearly plan.

  • Starter: $29/month (annual billing) or $39/month (monthly billing)
  • Platinum: $79/month (annual billing) or $99/month (monthly billing)
  • Diamond: $229/month (annual billing) or $279/month (monthly billing)


Amzscout pro

The AMZScout PRO extension gives detailed product analyses for any Amazon product right on the search page. You get easy access to product information that you need, such as sales volume, rank, price history, competition, and Google trends, among other data. The extension also allows you to research and select products for listing according to your preferences. Some of the information that the AMZScout PRO extension can provide are monthly sales estimates, BSR history, product scores for private and white label sellers, review analysis, listing quality analysis, and lowest seller price information.

Free Trial or Version: 10-day money-back guarantee

Pricing: AMZScout offers plans for just the PRO Extension, but you can also get its Seller’s Bundle for Amazon or its Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension. Paid add-ons are also available.

  • PRO Extension Basic: $259.99/year or $799.99 for lifetime access (no monthly plans)
  • Seller’s Bundle for Amazon Basic: $49.99/month, $379.99/year, or $1,599.99 for lifetime access
  • Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension: $999.99 for lifetime access

AMZScout Stock Stats


Keep an eye on your competitors’ inventory levels with another AMZScout Chrome extension, the Stock Stats or the Amazon Stock Level Spy. This tool provides information about a product’s BSR and the total and average stock levels across all sellers. You can even find out which sellers offer the same product as you. Knowing your competition and how they sell the same items can help you adjust your approach to match or overtake them. It’s a valuable tool for sellers who want to sharpen their competitive strategy. 

Free Trial or Version: The Stock Stats Chrome extension is free to use.

Pricing: It is also available with the Seller’s Bundle for Amazon (see above).


FBA fees can be somewhat confusing, especially for a new Amazon seller. SellerApp’s Chrome extension takes the guesswork out of costs to provide you with up-to-date fee estimates for FBA. This lets you determine if the product is profitable and worth listing in your store. Aside from this, the SellerApp extension can give you detailed product insights, product trends, keyword research, and listing quality analysis to help you stand out from competitors. It supports 16 Amazon marketplaces, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Free Trial or Version: SellerApp offers a free plan that grants limited access to the Chrome extension. For the paid plans, a 7-day free trial is available.

Pricing: There are four plans available, including the Freemium plan. All paid plans provide full access to the SellerApp Chrome extension.

  • Pro Lite: $49/month when billed monthly or $39/month when billed annually
  • Professional: $99/month when billed monthly or $49/month when billed annually
  • Agency: Starts at $300 plus % ad spend

Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker

Consider the KW Index and Rank Tracker Chrome extension by AMZDataStudio for keyword ranking and indexation. Keyword research is a critical part of Amazon listing practices. Because there are millions of similar products, using the right keyword for the right product can spell the difference between profit and loss. With the KW Index and Rank Tracker, you can analyze which keywords are most relevant for your product. The extension lets you check the ranking position and indexing of any keyword for any ASIN, plus data on monthly search volume for your and your competitors’ target keywords. The tool tracks parent and child ASINs together, which is more appropriate and useful for products that have multiple variants.

Free Trial or Version: A free version is available.

Pricing: Upgrade the KW Index and Rank Tracker Chrome extension via a monthly subscription or a one-time payment for lifetime use.

  • Pro Usage Monthly: $28/month
  • Pro Usage Lifetime: $197 

Titans Pro Niche Finder and Amazon Search Suggestion Expander

Titans Pro Niche Finder

Amazon Search Suggestion Expander

Self Publishing Titans, a company that helps Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors and merchants, offers two Chrome extensions for keyword research. The first is for niche research, the Amazon Niche Finder, and the second is a search suggestion expander, the Amazon KDP Keyword Research Tool. Both are great for conducting keyword research and analysis, particularly for those in the KDP business. However, because it is a keyword and niche research tool, it can be just as helpful for other Amazon sellers to discover niche markets and expand their keyword searches. You can download the results—which include the average Amazon BSR data, average price calculation, average reviews, and keyword or niche score calculation—as an Excel file with one click for easy access and analysis.

Free Trial or Version: Both extensions are free to use but with limited access. Full access is available to Titans Pro paid plan subscribers.

Pricing: Aside from the Free plan, Titans Pro has two paid plans for KDP businesses, both granting full access to the Chrome extensions.

  • Titans Pro: $14/month when billed monthly or a one-time payment of $97 for lifetime access
  • Titans Elite: $24/month when billed monthly or a one-time payment of $499 for lifetime access



Arbitrage sellers will find the PriceBlink Chrome extension very useful in their online product searches. Say you’re looking up a potential product on another eCommerce marketplace. The PriceBlink extension can automatically search for similar items for price comparisons. You can check out the stores selling them for a better price or deal. PriceBlink scans thousands of other merchants to search for whatever you are shopping for. It also alerts you to coupons available for a product, helping you save more money.

Free Trial or Version: PriceBlink is free to use.

Pricing: None



Finally, we have MozBar, a Chrome extension that was not specifically developed for Amazon sellers but can be valuable for market research. MozBar is an SEO tool that lets users analyze external links that point to a particular webpage. In this case, we can use it to check the links that direct users to an Amazon product page. This allows sellers to learn how and where their customers find their products, as well as their competitors’ products. This can help with your marketing efforts tremendously and even open opportunities for affiliate partnerships. 

Free Trial or Version: A free version and a 30-day free trial for the premium version are available.

Pricing: Moz Pro unlocks all SEO tools plus additional features of the MozBar, such as keyword difficulty scoring, page optimization, and deeper insights for SERPs and link building.

  • Standard: $99/month (monthly billing) or $79/month (annual billing)
  • Medium: $179/month (monthly billing) or $143/month (annual billing)
  • Large: $299/month (monthly billing) or $239/month (annual billing)
  • Premium: $599/month (monthly billing) or $479/month (annual billing)


  1. How do I choose which Chrome extensions are right for me?

You can consider several factors in deciding which of these remarkable tools are the most useful for you. First, identify your needs. These can be aspects of running an Amazon business that you struggle with or take a long time to accomplish. You may need help choosing the right keywords for your listings, or you may find that looking for products for your arbitrage business is more complex than expected. You can focus on using Chrome extensions for these to make your life easier.

You can also take advantage of free trials offered by many developers. That way, you can get first-hand experience using them and reviewing the data and insights they provide. This helps you determine if the tool’s functionalities are relevant enough for your needs. Reviews are also an excellent way to gauge if an extension is worth considering. Pricing is another factor; however, it’s important to remember that low pricing is not always better. Beyond the price, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each tool. Are the data and insights it provides worth the money you will spend on it? Sometimes, shelling out a few extra dollars for better products and services can bring in a higher ROI than if you scrimped. 

Finally, if you want to go further, research the developers or the companies behind the tools to check their credibility and expertise in the field. You can check out highly reputed developers and companies like Threecolts, Jungle Scout, or Helium 10 that provide a full suite of services for better, smoother integration and ensure that the tools are developed by experts.

  1. How often do I need to check for updates?

The great thing about Chrome is that its default setting automatically updates extensions when a developer releases one. Google checks for updates every few hours, so your extensions should have the latest version available. You can check which version of an extension you have by following these steps:

  • Click on the three dots at the upper right corner of your browser window.
  • Select “Extensions” and then “Manage Extensions.”
  • Chrome will open a new webpage where you’ll see all extensions that you’ve installed.
  • Click on details to check the version that is currently in use.
  • To manually update your extensions, click the toggle switch at the upper right-hand corner that says “Developer mode” to turn it on.
  • You should see an “Update” button on the left side of the screen. Click on it to update your extensions.
  1. Do I need technical expertise to be able to use Chrome extensions?

Good developers create Chrome extensions with the end user in mind; that’s why the best extensions are user-friendly. No technical expertise is required to use the extensions on our list, although you should be familiar with the technical aspects of running and managing an Amazon store.

  1. Can I use multiple extensions at once?

You can definitely install multiple extensions, but you can only run one at a time. The good thing about extensions is that they are almost instant. You can run your extensions one after the other. However, remember that having too many Chrome extensions may slow down your browser.

A Final Word

Chrome extensions are by no means necessary to operate an Amazon business, but they are certainly an advantage. If you want to stand out in the vast ocean of sellers and merchants, these Amazon seller Chrome extensions can take your business up a notch. They can provide much-needed support in your growth, driving sales and profit. With the right Chrome extensions and software solutions from companies such as Threecolts, you’ll be on your way to Amazon success.